May 3, 2016

Busy Busy Busy

Holy heck batman where does the time go?  It seems like the days are all rolling into one.  I am always busy but I am not quite sure doing what.  CrAzY!!

We of course still have legal stuff that happens almost all the time.  Court dates and meeting with lawyers used to scare the bajeezus out of me.  Sad that they are just normal parts of our routine now.  Hopefully some day this will all be over. :)


Apr 10, 2016


Mojo 421.  Friends.  I love these colors. 

  • Something I miss:  I miss my childhood.  All the great people in it. 
  • Four weird traits that I have? 1. I have an obsessive sweet tooth.  I ♥ candy (& cake).  2.  I hum (a lot) 3. Clutter drives me bonkers, but I am not a neat freak.  4.  I interrupt (bad habit)
  • Four things I'd say to an ex:  *ahem* clears throat ... Nicely?  1.  I am not as awful as you say I am. 2. I am going to be ok no matter what 3.  I hope you learn from your mistakes, cause I am pretty sure your next wife won't be as forgiving.  4.  Thank you for all the memories, theyve made me who I am today.  
  • What I wore today: Tan capris, black sandals, black tshirt
  • Word or phrase do I say constantly?  Ummm... damn a duck. Mother heifer, how is every little thing? and Take care of you.  Awesome.
  • My 21st Birthday.  I remember going out and partying in Nashville.  That's it, that is all I remember.
  • One thing I am excited for.  Kinda general, but my future.  If it will ever just come on!
Yay!  I finished!  Now you know a bunch of random hoodalolly about me that you didnt know you needed to know.  


Apr 9, 2016

Smile with Stickles!

More Mojo Fun.  It is simple but again I really love the colors.

  • Bullet my entire day.  Ummm this is kinda boring but here we go, here is yesterday's day: ♦ wake up ♦ take meds ♦ go pee ♦ brush teeth ♦ start coffee ♦ shower ♦ get dressed ♦ do hair and make up ♦ get coffee ♦ make & eat an egg ♦ moved stuff into new purse I got ♦ worked on computer for about 4 hours ♦ talked to friend while working ♦ let the cats in and out at least 15 times ♦ Talked with client ♦ made & ate lunch with Hannah ♦ worked for another 2-3 hours ♦ Texted mom about stuff in May ♦ Went to hardware store to get stuff Hannah needed for school project ♦ Went to Starbucks and chatted with Hannah, enjoyed time ♦ Back home to make & eat dinner ♦ Took Hannah to meet her dad ♦ Stopped by the store on my way home ♦ Cleaned up kitchen ♦ More work on the computer ♦ Talked with a friend regarding plans for Saturday night ♦ Watched SuperNatural ♦ Talked with another friend on phone ♦ Watched more SuperNatural and fell asleep in there somewhere.  Yeah boring.  :)  However I kinda like it that way.  
  • A quote I try to live by:  Ummm This too shall pass?  Be the rainbow in someone's cloud.
  • Favorite color.  I love purple but I especially like pink with sparkles.  I love purple cause it can be soft and flowing or deep and rich.  And pink with sparkles is my total personality!
  • Five fears that I have.  1. Insecurity (financially, emotionally, physically...) 2. Snakes 3. Drowning 4. People not liking me 5. Losing use of my hands
  • 3 random songs on my playlist.  Budapest, George Ezra (Ohhh I like that song) Pencil Thin Mustache, Jimmy Buffet & Give it Away, George Strait   What do I think about them?  I love them all.  :)  Duh, they are on my playlist.
  • My Zodiac sign is Scorpio.  Yeah I think it is pretty fitting, however I don't think I am as big of a witch as it says and there's no way I like sex as much as they say either.  Jus sayin
  • Morning routine: havent I already said this like 3 times?
  • Family member  I dislike.  Hmmmm....Probably the closest one to this is Ron (my almost ex).  
OK we'll save the rest for tomorrow.  I have bored ya all enough today.


Apr 8, 2016

More Random

  • Someone who fascinates me.  I guess Trace Adkins.  He was shot by his wife, nearly died, served in the military, has written a book, of course is incredibly good looking and just an all around good guy.  I love seeing what he does next.
  • I have one tattoo.  It is a cat looking away.  Just a silhouette.  It is a symbol that I can do anything that I want to.  I am free to make my own choices.
  • My favorite book ever is probably THE MARK OF A LION (trilogy) it was such an awesome story of love.  The only real book I ever remember hating was The Stand by Stephen King.  I read it all the way through and hated the ending.  Never read another Stephen King book again.  I am however into book 2 of The Dark Tower series now.
  • Ageism.  Well considering I had to look up what it means, my view on it is that I don't have a view.  I don't think people should be limited by their age, however certain things require a certain age.  No offence but if I walked into a tanning salon to see an old man in a wheel chair with skin cancer spots all over himself, I don't think it would be as great of a sale as the typical beach bunny young chickadees give.
  • Bananas is the biggest fruit I dislike.  Just yick.  Not a fan.  The taste I guess.
  • Relationship status:  Nothing.  I am not single and I am definitely not still married.  I don't want to say separated cause that kind of means that there is a chance of togetherness again...and uh no.  So almost divorced?
  • 2 words or phrases that make me laugh.  Wonder Dontit.  A friend and I coined this phrase many years ago.  I dunno, makes ya wonder dont it?  And ummmm... I dunno on another.
  • My commute to and from work.  Ohhhh a tough one.  LOL.  I get up, go pee, take my meds, start the coffee, shower, get dressed, make up etc., walk 10 more steps and I am at my office, coffee in hand. 
  • My life in 7 years.  I hope to be remarried by then (of course knowing my luck we will still be in divorce battles...mwahahahaha) ummmm probly have a few grandbabies by then.  Living in the woods, enjoying life.  Traveling, seeing things and experiencing life.  The only thing I can guarantee is that I WILL BE happy!
  • Three pet peeves.  1. People who have poor grammar.  I am not talking about geographical changes.  I mean like saying I have a dog for sell.  Or let me ax you a question.  2. People mad at me and not telling me why.  UGH.  Tell me so I can defend myself or fix it!  3.  Mistreatment of animals.

So yeah, there is more of that.  Things are good here.  I planted my herbs again.  I also planted a couple of veggie plants. We of course have to keep mobile so I can't do a lot.  But it made me feel better doing a little bit.

Here is #281.


Apr 7, 2016


We all know I don't do so well with committing to do things for a whole month but I got this writing challenge from one of my writing groups.  I thought it'd be fun to follow this though.

  • Five things wrong with social media:  1. It has made us stupid.  No one researches, no one verifies anything.  If Facebook said it, then by all means it is right! 2. Bullying is blown up beyond anything in a matter of minutes.  People can feel like the world hates them in a matter of seconds.  3.  It is a time stealer, robbing us all of minutes.  4.  It can give people false profiles.  A lot of people look NOTHING like their photos.  5.  Opens one up for identity theft.
  • My earliest memory.  I remember barely walking.  Making a fort underneath my grandma's piano bench.  I remember the orange, green & red shag carpet.
  • My first love and first kiss.  I remember 2nd grade.  Chasing Ben Bonner around the play ground.  I do not remember why or really anything else about him, but I knew I loved him!  *LOL*  I remember my first kiss wasn't til middle school. 
  • 10 things about me.  1.  I want to be cremated.  2.  I have a hard time with anything being made out of the flag.  Clothing with flags on them are great, but not red and white striped with blue and white stars.  3.  Though I cuss like a sailor there are a few that you will never hear come out of my mouth.  4.  I hate the words:  Impregnated, Penetrated, Naughty and Tinkle.  I have no idea why, but I do.  5.  I had Lasik eye surgery in '99 because I was legally blind.  I'd do it again in a heart beat if needed.  6.  Im not a fan of bananas. 7.  I learn by seeing.  I am not so good at following written directions.  8.  I have never lived alone in my life (I am ok with this).  9.  I got my driver's license when I was 14.  I learned to drive on a manual.  10.  I can cook almost ANYTHING on an open fire.  
  • Name a place you'd live but have never been.  I think I am going to have to say Montana here.  I think I went there as a young kid, but I do not remember much about it.  I hope to get there someday.
OK so there you have it a few useless bits of info.  Now on to MOJO428  


Apr 6, 2016

Firsts and Lasts

You know I have been so excited about my future.  I have been thinking about the new places, the new adventures.  However, a couple of weeks ago, as I was on my way back into town after doing some work for a client in Fayetteville.  I was quickly reminded of the the beauty that we already have.  As I came up over the hill and started down into Nashville, the skyline took my breath away.  I have spent more than half my life in and out of Tennessee.  On May 15, 1993 I pulled in to Nashville with stars in my eyes.  No, I didn't ever once wish to be one of the celebrities.  I just had the desire to meet them and mingle with them.  

I had so many firsts here.  Before the Batman building was here, long before the conference center was built, before the stadiums were packed with fans, back when 2nd Avenue was just starting to rebuild, before all of the big things, I was star struck.  I saw my first prostitute here.  I know, not a big deal to most, but since it is a bit chilly in Jackson, ya just didn't see them on the corners there.  I saw my first concert, I went to the CMA's, I met star after star.  I even worked for Barbara Mandrell Country.  I met song writers, I met stars, I met those that wanted to be and those that could never be.  I knew Faith before she and Tim McGraw were a thing. I spent summers on Old Hickory Lake at the Yacht club, playing in the water and fishing while my father in-law's boat was docked next to Eddie Arnold's.  I visited Opryland when it was theme park and not a mall.  I was blessed with meeting Baxter Black in person and sharing countless meals with him.  He has many friends in Jackson, so it was always nice to reminisce about that area.  Harland Howard, Ronnie Rogers, and Ed Bruce are just a few of the countless people I got to see.  There are far too many that I couldn't even possibly begin to name, but the memories are forever etched in my heart.  I have lived a charmed life.  I was lucky enough to come to Tennessee to live exactly the life I wanted to.  I thank my husband and his family for that.  

This past weekend Hannah and I went to Elliston Place Soda Fountain.  It was fun to sit at the bar and watch them make the treats.

It looks like we will spend another summer here in the Tennessee Valley, I am really actually very excited.  I hope to be able to take in the beauty both in the city and all around us.  Maybe we can go take in some ball games, a concert or hockey game?  Who knows--but you can bet we will have some fun!  

Mojo 246.  Simple and fun huh?


Apr 5, 2016

Things Happen

Well so much for that month of posts huh?  What is really crazy is that I really do have a month's worth of sketches to share with you.  Life just got the best of me and I didn't get much blogging done.

I am doing good though!!  Life has been good.  But first things first.  Here is MOJO MONDAY #429  Fun colors arent they?  They make me smile.  I love spring time.  I love all of the bright colors and the flowers everywhere.  Nevermind the fact that I have to drug up every morning just to face the allergies.  

So we did get to go fishing a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately the pond was crazy covered with moss.  We didn't catch anything.  It was fun to be outside though and Hannah and I got to talk a bit.  Love that kid.  I know eventually we will live in a house again.  We will not be together 24/7 and we won't know each other's complete ins and outs.  For now tho, I am really enjoying it.  Scary tho--she definitely is a mini me.  

I have been writing some.  Unfortunately I have just rearranged all the words I started with rather than adding more.  :)  I feel like I finally have a direction tho. I have a voice behind the main character and I have her personality mapped out. 

 I have also been chatting with a friend who is writing a memoir of Jackson.  It has been so much fun reminiscing about all the places that we used to hang out.  All of things that we did as kids. Stories that can be told hundreds of times, but unless you were there, you never quite understand.  It is only now that I am grown and moved away that I can really appreciate my childhood.  Jackson, WY was little more than a 2 horse town when I was growing up.  The crime was very low and people just lived simply.  Nothing like what it is there today.  That song by Lady Antibellum, American Honey - reminds me of my childhood.  "She grew up good, she grew up slow" -- I just love that.  That's something that my kids have yet to experience, though I am certainly trying to get there as fast as I can.  Hopefully Hannah will still get some of that American Honey before she is off to her own life.

I have been talking and talking and talking about making changes to your life.  If you are not happy, then change it.  Unfortunately though, life isn't always conducive to big changes.  I am learning this the hard way.  I have been so unsettled and angry that things were not progressing in this divorce as I'd like.  In other words SLOOOOWLY.  But I have to tell you -as I gather pieces of the bigger picture I am finding more and more joy in the present.

I am by NO MEANS saying that divorce is the answer to everything.  I am not saying that God condones it.  I am not saying we should just throw away our marriages when they get tough.  However I have had a really hard time letting go and moving on.  My marriage is over.  That has NEVER been a question in my mind, but I desperately wanted to remain friends with Ron.  It wasn't until this past week that I learned that just is NOT possible.  We can be cordial.  We can be friendly, but we cannot be friends.  I seriously had hope.  It hurt my feelings at first.  But I just love this meme, because it makes it all neat and tidy.  A description of reality that I can accept.  One that I can smile with and accept my level up with pride.  His reasoning for not being friends is totally different from mine.  His reasons for the divorce are totally different than mine.  His goals and outlooks on life are totally different than mine.  His opinion of "change" is totally different than mine.  This is totally OKAY though.  Do you know how FREEING this is?  We no longer have to try to make our differences coincide. He can live in his reality and I can live in mine not really caring what the other's is.  Life just got a whole lot better!!


 We are a product of our choices, not victims of our circumstances.  

My life is abundantly blessed. I am not thrilled with all of its events, I am thrilled with who I am and more so who I am becoming.    


Mar 13, 2016

Blooming & Peanut Butter

So our cat Edgar has a cold.  I am pretty sure that our entire house has a nice layer of cat snot on it.  It is so hilarious to hear him sneeze a gotrillion times and then huff because he is frustrated.  He is on the home stretch of getting better as he is not sneezing AS much and his eyes have stopped running.  Poor boy tho--he got it bad.  

So if it will ever freaking stop raining we will go fishing.  I could REALLY use some water time.

Last night I was on the phone with a client for forever.  Bless her heart she is trying to get out of town and I am freaking out trying to find pictures.  I think we got it handled (totally not solving long term issues with how screwed up her files are --but enough to mumble through the week while she is out of town).  Which working late means I got to sleep in just a bit.  See how that works?  :)

I am really good tho.  It is a good weekend.  I hope that even though it is FREAKIN RAINING you have gotten to enjoy yourself.  How bout this daylight savings thing.  Great isnt it?  No, not really--but I will start appreciating the lighter evenings sooner or later.  I am so excited for summer, for bonfires, and camping.  

So the question I have for you today...if you are not happy with something and you know you want to change it.  How?  I got schooled by my 14 year old about this subject.  Yeah...ok it is okay that you are not happy with the situation and ya wanta have a fit and fix it, but what exactly do you want to do to fix it.  What CAN you do.  Yes, my 14 year old just reminded me to be patient. I think I am seeing a pattern here.  LOL  Things are good though.  I am happy.  I am blessed.  

Oh oh oh!!!!  I made Peanut Butter cookies that are gluten free.

They are actually REAAAAALLLY good!  

1 cup Peanut Butter (or any nut butter)
1 cup Sugar
1 egg (beaten)
1 tsp of baking soda

Mix all ingredients super well.  Roll into balls and place on a greased cookie sheet.  Pat down in criss cross pattern with a fork.  Bake at 350° for about 10 minutes.  They are light and fluffy!  YUUUMM


Mar 12, 2016

Looking towards the future

So I have been daydreaming about going back West.   A cabin of course, nestled in some trees off the beaten path.  Of course it is ALL just a day dream..  Who knows if I'll end up out West?  Who knows I might be in an apartment or maybe camped out on someone's couch.  :)  I am having fun with the day dreams though.  Decorating and designing.  Starting all new with all new ideas.  I do not really have too many things from my past so it is really fun to go crazy in the idea department.  

Small and spread out?  Ohhhh look at the pond??  Is it stocked?  Or how bout this one?  T-Tiny and tall?

 Or ginormous and good for entertaining??

Nah, definitely not that.  :)  Already did the ginormous thing, totally NOT my style!!

I really like this one.  Ohhhh a sunroom/greenhouse so I can have my garden all year???  Yeah!!!  That'd be so awesome!  

Like I said it is just something to think about.  It gives me something to pin on pinterest.  LOL

So here we have more Mojo!!

I am hoping that we make it fishing today or tomorrow!  Fingers crossed that the weather will be nice.

Mar 11, 2016

Mojo and calls for Illustrators.

Can you believe it is Friday already?  Can you believe that it is the 11th of March already?  Can you believe it is Daylight Savings Time already?  Just when I think that time could not tick by any slower, I am reminded exactly how fast it is going.  YIKES!!  

So, I did go by Walmart and pick us up some new fishing rods.  I am not sure when we are gonna get to go fishing as it has been raining most of this week, but at least now we are prepared and can just hop in the car, head down to the gas station 'n get us some minnows and head to the water.  Hannah's first words of course "who is gonna bait the hook"?  Then the more realistic one, "What happens when we catch a catfish?"  She knows her mama well.  However she may have forgotten that I can do anything I set my mind to, even if it means I scream like a girl the entire time. As for baiting the hook, let's just hope that they will bite minnows or artificial cause I am not so sure I am ready to do the whole worm thing yet.

Things are still about the same here however I think the house is finally going on the market!  I hope and pray for that perfect buyer to come along and just love it as much as I did when we bought it.  I hope this also speeds up the rest of this divorce process.  I am soooo ready to move on to other things!

I am feeling better after my recovery of having it out with cake.  :)  No you can't keep this girl down!
I have been writing some. Yes, the novel is still coming along well and there is just certain things a person can't make up so I have a gojillion notes that I take and keep adding.  I am pretty sure that whenever I get to the editing phase that poor person is gonna surely ask me how I passed Freshman English because my grammar is horrid at best, my punctuation is impossible and my ideas....well they tend to be all over the place.  :)

I am also writing a children's book.  This one I am super excited about but I am desperately searching for an illustrator.  Do you know one?  Can you draw cartoonlike animals?  Please please shout out to me if you do!  I have some uber awesome ideas and I am dying to get them into the print form.

All in all, life is really good.  Hannah Banana and I are doing great.  My PokieDot seems to be great on the other side of the world as well.  I miss her like crazy and hope that we can meet up again soon.

So here is this week's Mojo.  I have been super busy.  I have not had time to blog much less play with ink.  I was able to get this little card whipped up tonight in between clients.  I hope you head over to Mojo Mondays and play along too!  They are giving away free stamps to participants this week.  GO!  Go play right now!


Mar 7, 2016

More Mojo, and perception

OK, so this puppy dog set is my mom's.  I have used it so much!  Giving it back is going to be tough.  :)  So here is another Mojo for you.  I didn't have time to whip up this week's challenge this morning but I will get to it later in the week.  I told you it is a crazy week--so I think I am doing pretty dang good to even get a blog post up at all.  :) 


Isnt that the truth?  I know I would be sunk completely if I didn't have my friends.  The new ones and of course my trusty peeps. They keep me from sitting at home alone, they keep me on my toes.

So today I got to have lunch with one of my bestest buds.  We had the best time.  I then met with a new client!  Nailed it!!  WOOHOOO!  I know I have mentioned a few hundred thousand times, but here is one more--I love my job!

So I am here at Starbucks.  I have been trying to polish a campaign for a realtor and thought I might get more accomplished if I didn't have other things to do (like I do at home).  I was just sitting here brainstorming in my mind and noticed that the table in front of mine was missing.  I looked around the cafe for missing table.  It was then that I noticed that I have it.  Mwahaha.  When I set up my portable office I didn't realize that I was double dipping in space.  It was just like that when I came in.  I was thrilled that I got my favorite space, (in the corner, chair facing cafe--)  I wasn't paying too much attention to the accommodations.  I wonder how often this happens?

I've got a person worried about me because they think I am depressed and barely hanging on.  Then I have other (most) people that think I am remarkably strong and doing really good.  Truth of the matter I think I am kinda somewhere there in the middle but closer to the latter.  Most days are amazing.  I am really having a lot of fun, I am getting to do things I have never done before and meeting some great people.  Some days I get wrapped up in my emotions, but those are not often.  My point is--everything is a matter of perception.  I didn't even realize that I was the table hog, I just noticed the missing furniture.  People can think you are sad or crazy or happy or whatever, but every thought by every single other person is just a perception.  How are you really?  What you think of yourself is all that matters.

I have awesome kids, a nice home, a fantastical job, and AMAZING friends.  No, I am not where I wanta be.  Yes I feel like I am stuck in limbo until the divorce is over, but things are good.  I am definitely not complaining.  It will just make my future that much sweeter when I get there huh?  Of course I get impatient and want to be there already.  However as I said before, I know I have to have patience.

Besides, springtime in Tennessee.  70° and sunny.  I am not stuck in an office....really how bad can things be?  In fact I am thinking that I might stop by Walmart and pick me up a new fishing rod and minnow bucket and head to the lake sometime this week (in between meetings and appointments).  Of course getting the fish off the line will be a whole new experience, and heaven help me if I catch a catfish--  cause ew ew ew!!!  I am pretty sure I can do it though--   right?...Anyone want to volunteer to be my catfish getter offer?  LOL

This week---lots of appointments, for work, legal, medical and of course some too awesome and amazing friends.  A couple of dates with my favorite 14 year old and just some living.  Life is good!!

For now tho, I guess I need to load up my office here and head on home to my girl.  I think we are gonna watch some movies tonight.  I think my hands are feeling better since my gluten explosion this weekend so I might be able to get some coloring done.

Oh and one of you asked what happens to me when I eat Gluten.  I may have made it sound like my body explodes when I eat it.  No, I wish--that might curtail my desire for cake.  Actually when I first eat it NOTHING happens.  It generally is the next day.  When I eat it on a constant basis my body gets more and more immune to it (or at least the shock of it).  However when I take it out of my diet the reaction to it is more severe.  My joints feel like someone has poured lava in them, a low hands and feet then feel like I have had them in a tourniquet for awhile, they tingle, are hard to move and ache.   They swell and are just impossible.  Doing ANYTHING meticulous with my hands is difficult.  Even signing my name is hard.  I am definitely not saying gluten free is the answer for everyone.  No, it is not a fad thing I am doing.  It is something that I know I have to do to be able to function.  I have more energy and less brain fog without it.  Hashi's is tough, 99% of the time I feel good. Those days that I don't feel good though can flatten me out.  So when the days I am down start to happen more often I look for ways to change what I am doing.  People often see this as depression or laziness.  They don't understand that it can literally take all my power to just function on the most basic of levels.  My desire to sleep is overwhelming.  It is not mental.  It is physical.  So when I eat gluten all of the time I just kind of mumble along.  I dont always feel bad, but I do not ever really feel great either.  My lifestyle doesnt really handle being down too much.  So I up the workout, walk a little more and cut the crap out of my diet.   I get just makes the times that I "cheat" all the more painful.

Do I still want yes.  Will I eat cake again, yeah I am sure :)  

Alright folks, I am over n out!  Enjoy this amazing weather!  Love life!