Mar 30, 2015

Weve got Chemestry

So, my family is remarkably supportive of my obsession hobby.  They love my work and think it's great that I am so passionate.  I am blessed, as I know that many artists are not so appreciated.  However in the midst of my passion I recently realized that I never share it with those I live with.  I mean, I show them everything.  They have to endure my messes fits of inspiration.  They send me to retreats and help cover my duties here on the home front, but they are hardly ever on the receiving end of my creations when it comes time to send them off.  So I am working on creating some cards just for them.  Ones that are all about them.  After all, without them, I am not me.

This is a really cool set that I hijacked from my mom.  Anyone who knows me, knows that my passion is in layers.  The more, the better.  So doing this style of card is a stretch for me.  It is fun to step out of my comfort zone every once in awhile though. Stamping directly on the white is HUGE! I did, however pop one of the beakers up.  Gotta have SOMETHING right??

And the inside of the card.  Cute huh?


Things are beginning to get crazy busy here.  As we get ready for spring.  The planting season, the cleaning and repairing of coops, new fences and just little things around here.  I am really excited for the summer, just wishing that I could wave a magic wand and by pass all of the hard work it is going to take for us to get there.
Girls are both great.  Heather is in head over heals in this writing club and is doing so amazing.  I'm telling you...even though she is going to college and she is pursuing a great education, the girl is going to be a world famous writer.  Her skills are breath taking.  Her imagination amazing and her way with words simply leaves me in awe each time that I read one of her writings.
Hannah Banana is still struggling with headaches.  Though they are easing off and don't seem to be happening QUITE as often as they were.  Were still going rounds with the insurance company.  But hopefully we will get the test she needs soon.  (Insert all kinds of explicative adjectives here of how much I detest insurance.) 

Feb 26, 2015

Happy Cuppy Cake Day

Isn't she sooo cute??  She is so much fun to color too.!!
Things are good here this week.  Our snow is finally starting to melt and we are returning back to normal, whatever THAT might be.  :) 
Ive been sick with a cold again..ugh!  Went to doc last night and got a couple of whopping shots!  YOUCH!  But already I am feeling way way way better.  First night back in the gym last night even, it felt great!!
Girls are good today.  We have really been struggling with Hannah's back.  Hoping to see a specialist soon.  She has been getting these massive back pains and then usually a migraine to follow.  Poor little thing has really not felt well for quite some time.  So we took her to doc, not productive as all she did was give her meds for migraines.  Took her to massage therapist that gave us some stuff to do to try to work through the pain.  But still thinking we might need to look further.  So right now she is balancing on an exercise ball doing her school work.  :)  Glad that thing is getting some use!  Today appears to be a good day.
Heather is doing really really really well.  Her health is really great.  Shes feeling better and better every day.  She's starting some classes online and getting very very excited to start college next fall.  She is looking forward to perhaps a summer trip up North to see her friends and do some fun stuff.
Ronnie is doing great too.  Really glad to be back to work this week.  He's doing great!!  He is still having issues with his feet and is so frustrated that a doctor hasn't been able to fix him yet.  He too is looking for new answers.
I, myself am doing great!!  Ready for summer and to get the garden rolling.


Feb 24, 2015

It has been awhile since we Bawked!

So you would think that I'd have oodles and oodles of time to blog.  If nothing else, I'd photos of everything to show you what was going on with me.  Sorry, I am failing madly at both!  Our life has been eventful, but crazy!

First lets talk bout these Chicks.  Don't you just love them??  Oddly enough I had no idea how true the "HEN PECKING" and "HEN PARTY" terms were until we experienced a change in pecking order this winter.  My dominant bird, Houdini fell to the bottom of the totem pole recently.  I have to admit, I felt sorry for her.  I babied her, brought her in and gave her a hot bath and blew dry her feathers as she worked on healing up the awful holes the other girls were leaving in her head.  They were bullying her and and I wanted so badly to carry her around in my pocket.  I wanted to tell those other hens to leave her alone, and put them in their place.  They needed to take their gossiping selves and go find something else to do.  Houdini did heal up just fine and seems quite content without her power.  I don't guess I will ever understand.

So one of this years resolutions, not that I make OR keep them, but I am trying really really hard at being better at correspondence.  Writing letters and cards, sending emails and texts and *gasp* even making PHONE CALLS.  I am trying to make more effort to acknowledge those that are important to me.  It is so hard!!  We have gotten soooo spoiled with instant everything.  Facebook makes us complacent to real people.  We get so wrapped up in funny pictures the little blurbs that we hardly interact.  Sad. 

So this year.  I got to go with my mom to see 3 Broadway plays in NYC!  It was soooo much fun and we got to see so many cool things.  Including Bradley Cooper, Hugh Jackman and Tony Danza.  The stars that we met were phenomenal, the food that we tried, amazing and the entire trip was a whirlwind of crazy exciting.  I hope to get our photos lined up soon so we can share.  I had camera issues so I am having to share with mom.  :)

Returning home we had two weekend scares with Heather.  She ended up in CCU with a UTI the first time.  Bloodsugars insanely crazy.  Then the next weekend we were back again.  Not for sure, but I think we narrowed it down to a faulty pump. CRAZY!!  Anyways, were working on getting a new one.  Animas totally rocks tho and sent us a temporary one until we can get the new one passed through insurance and such.  I hate insurance.  I hate life without it.  I hate it with it.  Sigh, but that is a rant for another day.  Long story short, shes doing great now.  Her blood sugars are really good and shes starting to feeling good again.

Then my aunts came to visit.  It was so great to see them, as always.  We had a great time.  But TIRING!!!  So then I start to regain my footing and the dadblame snowstorm of the century comes in!!  OMG!  Serious??  We spend a week at home.  Roads iced, fields snow covered...thankfully we still had power.  Life is good.

I do hope that each of you are well.

Aug 8, 2014

Princess Butterfly

House Mouses!  Yes, I am STILL a sucker for them.  This is supposed to be a Halloween stamp as it has a trick or treat pumpkin on the image.  I just masked it out.  She is so sweet and innocent and fairy princess like.  She has glittery wings which is like impossible for you to see in this pic.  But too much fun!


Aug 7, 2014


I made this card for my mother in law on her Birthday.  However in the excitement of the day I totally forgot to give it to her.  It looks just like her!  She is so spunky and fun and never conforming to getting old.  Love that about her!  Love this image too.  


Aug 6, 2014

Sunrise Iris

Another friend inspired challenge.  It was soo simple for me to do this because I had some of these blooming at the very time of coloring this image.  I wish I had thought to take a photo of them.  Our yard and is so beautiful!  I wish I could take full credit.  OK, Id be happy with just a little credit.  But I cant even take a little.  The people that owned our home before did extensive landscaping and each and every day is filled with a new bloom a new surprise.  Right now my hydrangeas are larger than footballs.  The bushes are so full of blooms that some are laying on the ground.  The boxwoods are full and the many other flowers are lacing my flower beds.  I love it.  I love flowers.  I know some think they are a waste and shouldnt be bothered with.  But it makes me happy to have a bouquet on my kitchen island.  


Aug 5, 2014

Purple - Teapot Tuesday

OK, not a great pic of this teapot and its cover, but still one I liked anyways.  


Aug 4, 2014


These cute little guys remind me of the Honey Nut Cheerio bee.  Everytime I see them it makes me smile.  

As some of you have noticed I have changed the comments to need moderation.  I hope that you will understand. With the recent announcement of Heather and other things going on in my life I have felt that we needed just a little extra security. Your emails, posts on Facebook, texts and even calls have meant the world to me.  Over 500 page views in one day!  WOOHOO!  I hope that I can help someone out there.  

We have been praying and working towards being a foster home. It is truly amazing how many parents shun their children for making an announcement such as Heather's.  I just do not understand.  Like I said in my post, it was NOT easy for me to accept.  But never once did I consider ostracizing her or sending her away. Never once did it change the fact that she's my daughter or that she is a beautiful human being.  So many parents cant deal and disown them sending them into a broken system to live their final years of being a teenager.  They are vulnerable and weak already and now they get to deal with that.  It is heartbreaking. 

 I sooo hope that the message moderation does not deter you from leaving a message.  As I love each and every one of them.  Your words of encouragement whether on here, on social media or through email mean the world to me.  You all are so sweet and kind and I am soooo grateful for you.  Thanks for following me through all of my chaos!


Aug 3, 2014


This was our first year having a real, successful garden.  It was a lot of fun.  Though a COMPLETE learning experience.  I look forward to next year and doing everything right.  Well ok, doing MORE things right.

There is nothing like planting an itty bitty seed and watching it turn into a ginormous bush and then produce something we actually eat.  God is so amazing!

It takes a long time to grow an old friend.  Aint that the truth??  So funny, with the help of Facebook I am still in contact with people I went to daycare with.  People I knew BEFORE school.  Graduating High School with those same people.  That's a loooong time to know someone who isnt a family member.  Ya know tho.  I have met many other people along the way and am glad to say that good ones can be grown pretty quick too.  They may not last for forever.  But that is okay.  For the time that they are in our lives, it is pretty awesome.

Aug 2, 2014

Little bit of playin...

So we didnt make it to Bell Witch Cave today.  We went to Port Royal State Park instead.  We had sooo much fun!!  Took the pup.  She swam n played.  The girls played too.  Ronnie fished...then we lit up one of the grills n roasted hotdogs and marshmallows.  There were thousands of baby frogs too, like smaller than your pinky fingernail.  It was awesome! Unfortunately not amazing pics.  But oh well.

Last night we went to the gun range.  I double dog dare you to mess with my angels!!

I am so proud!!  Weve had a really good weekend.  Hard to believe our days as a little family are numbered.  Gonna miss Heather when she leaves for college, but she WILL miss me and all of my craziness and come running back, Im certain of it!!  Ok, well I can at least guarantee shell come home for homemade popcorn.  (Even though she KNOWS how to make it herself!). Bwahahaha!!!  

We are sooo blessed!!  I am so grateful for my life.  


Sweet and Simple

Do you have stashes of crafty things that you hoard.  You dont ever use them cause you just love them.  Yeah, these ladies fall into that category.  I have had these ladybug eyelets for ohhh I dunno, EVER!  So I slapped this simple little card together.  Cute eh?

Today we are on our way up to the Bell Witch Cave.  A picnic in hand and hiking shoes on our feet.  Anxious to spend some time with just "us".


Aug 1, 2014

Snail Mail

It is Friday!  A gorgeous day in the making here.  Though I am still questioning why the heck I am up at 6am.  I know...I know....get a good start on the day.  Yadda yadda yadda.  That is all great and fine and dandy, however...I don't HAVE to be up this early.  ~sigh~  I will say it is a wonderful start to be able to kiss my husband goodbye and have some adult conversation to start my day.  I am so blessed.

I am still trying to get lesson plans finished up and classes all laid out for us to begin on August 11th.  I know that most parents dont spend this much time.  How they dont is a mystery to me.  I guess they are better at the day to day planning than I am.  Who knows!  All I know, is I practically need a semester just to do MY part.

I however, have an 18 year old about to fly out of the nest and I feel like I am scrambling to teach her everything she will need to know.  Everything from basic survival skills to how to balance a checkbook. She knows a LOT, but there is still so much she doesn't.  AGH!  Cant we have a do over?  So that I start all of this knowledge cramming back when she was like 2?

Anyways.  This is another card from my GinaK set.  LOVE it!!

Also I wanted to let you know I edited yesterday's post just a bit at the bottom.  So you can check that out.