Jul 7, 2015

Guess What Day It Is??

It is TEAPOT TUESDAY!  The rules are really quite simple.  Go on line or to your own personal collection, take a photo and be inspired by it!  Use the shape or the color or the style and create your masterpiece!  Have fun with it.  In honor of our holiday this week I of course chose nothing less than our red, white and blue!  

I am not so in love with my coloring here.  I think my box looks too dingy and  it just doesnt look right to me.  But I decided I needed to quit messing with it or I was going to end up messing the entire thing up.  This is from one of my favoritest stampsets ever from Gina K.  I remembered when I placed my very first order with Gina K and added something to the remarks in my order form and she called me...personally...she, herself!!  It was like I had received a call from Channing Tatum er something.  OK, well she's no Channing, but I felt just as special.  She just called to say HI and thank me for my order.  How bout THAT for customer service?


Jul 6, 2015

May the Season

I have been working really hard this year on preparing for Christmas all year long.  So when December gets here I wont be frantically trying to make something out of nothing and be too broke to even do that.  I don't know what it is about that time of the year but it always is crazy and I am bound and determined to NOT have that happen again.  I will be sharing soon how I am doing this and what my steps are.  I promise you can do it too even if you are not one of those people that go shopping the day after Christmas (cause I am SOOO not!).

This set is so pretty isn't it?  I got it last year from Stampin Up! and I just love the simple elegance it has.  This is just ink and paper.  You KNOW how hard that is for me.  But I truly think it is an image that stands alone and doesn't need a lot of layers and accents don't you think?  We have SEVERAL cardinals that live in the tree on the other side of our driveway.  We don't see them so much in the spring and summer months but in the cooler fall days and into winter it looks like God painted little red dots all over the branches.  

Jul 3, 2015

Still Got It

I did this little card at one of the crops I went to last fall.  HA!  I am just NOW sharing it with you.  I am THAT good at blogging huh?  Anyways..this was my submission for a little challenge they had there to use these little word stickers. Kinda cute.  I remember that day I had forgotten my black outlining pen and NOTHING I did looked right.  Do you know, I now carry one with me in my PURSE! One CANNOT ever be unprepared like that again! I think the stickers are kinda a little much for the card, but it was fun anyways.

And of course the inside:

Doesn't the lady in this image look like she could be a busy body?  I bet she has a little something to say about everyone, all while blessing their little hearts.  I bet she'd be a whole lotta fun tho.


Jul 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Sketch

So here is a fantastical little sketch posted this week on Sketch Saturday! DeeDee's Digis is the proud sponsor this week.  There is some amazing talent being submitted.  Need a little pick me up with the mojo today...head on over to Sketch Saturday and check out Sketch #367!
This set is a DeeDee's Digis and I looooove it!!  It is really fun to color and I can see it in so many different variations.  I think it is one I will use a whole lot.

So I have to share a musing from our outing yesterday.  My aunt and I were at Walmart.  We had split up so that we could both get the few items we needed and would then meet up at the front.  Well we both happened to end up in the restroom at the same time.  I noticed that she was in the stall next to me (no not cause I am a peeping tom, but because I recognized her shoes), so in my best disguised voice, I knocked on her stall and asked if she had any toilet paper.  She, being the nice person she is, starts scrambling for some.  I hear her unwrapping a good bit and then she hands me the whole roll.  Of course since I was in the handicap (no, I am not handicap, but theres nothing like trying to do yer business in a Pepsi can of a small stall, so I always go for the big ones) so she figured I probably couldnt reach it so she picked it up and threw it closer.  Mind you she still doesnt know that it is me.  Anyways, I finished and as I was leaving I flashed my neon pink shoes (that I am pretty sure no other human owns) under her stall to let her know it was me.  LOL--It was hilarious and shed been got!!  

I hope that you find somewhere that YOU can get someone and have a giggle!  Enjoy your day!

Simple snow

Can you believe that this year is nearly half over????  I mean seriously Christmas is going to be here before we know it!!  This summer has been a bit odd.  We had frost clear into the middle of May.  Now our average temps are in the 70s° and even getting down into the low 60s­° at night.  Anyone who knows middle Tennessee, knows that it doesn't EVER get below 80° between June and September.  I am NOT complaining though.  Sure makes those outside chores a bit easier to handle.  However, ready for Christmas I am definitely NOT!

More photography :)  I hope you are not getting sick of my PLAYING with my camera.  I am having so much fun with these challenges.  These entries are for a FaceBook Group that I joined.  The amount of talent is amazing and I feel like such a total rookie.

Anyways this challenge was for "Ruins".  I decided to walk back to our barn on the back of the property.  Well, what used to be a barn.  It didn't weather one of the big storms we had last fall and now with all of the rain and sun we've had it appears that the earth is swallowing it whole.  We hope to get back and get some of the wood gathered and stacked up so that we can re-purpose it.  However since I am recovering from Poison Oak, you can bet I will be armed with some weed killer.  :)  Yes, I do strongly disagree with pesticides, um I think it might be a needed thing when we venture into this. 

This challenge was for a single flower.  This is Queen Anne's Lace or as I have been recently informed is also a wild carrot.  Hmmm....they say you can eat it.  I am not so sure, as they smell HORRID.  Yes, this is the same flower that comes from the florist.  Costs you a fortune.  It grows wild down both sides of my property. 


Jun 30, 2015

DeeDee's Digis Designs

So I have bee graciously allowed to come back to the DeeDee's Digis design team!  I am really excited to work some amazing talent and of course with DeeDee's great art work.

This set is Ice Cream Truck and it is the Set of the Month for July over in her store.  It is soooo sweet.  My photo so does not do it justice and I have taken 26 different ones trying to get a good shot.  Anyways, you can see I used one of the images and made my own back ground paper.  She has an amazing tutorial if digital images scare you, the sky is the limit of what you can do with them!  So fun!

A few months ago I had started some what of a challenge to myself.  To use teapots as inspiration for cards.  I just LOVE this one!!  Isn't it fun??  

And here is my interpretation.  Again, photo not great!!  But the buttons are sewn on and the paper is folded over.  Again these are more great images from DeeDee's Digis!  

So I have contracted a case of Poison Oak.  We were working out in the cemetery (yes, we have a 1700's one on the back of our property that we are restoring) and I was trying to be careful.  But, well ya just can't BE too careful.  I know exactly when the vine got me and where.  However we came in, stripped and went to the showers.  I used extra precautions while doing laundry and I thought I had made it unscathed.  However a week later I got a rash in the exact place of impact.  I was hit!! Treatment treatment treatment.  I was doing great, until I then ended up with a rash in all sorts of locations.  Ugh!!  No use fighting it, had to go to the doc.  Was gonna post a pic, decided to spare ya the visual.  It is pretty gnarly looking.  Anyways.   I got me a big ol shot and am on my way to recovery! 

My chickie ladies are doing amazing! The big girls are doing great and the babies are about 50% all feathered out.  In the next few weeks I will start putting them in a play pen of sorts to introduce them to the big girls.   They are already in the coop next to them so the girls know they are there.  However, still can't trust them to be loose.

My aunt is here visiting so we are having a really good time!  Busy busy busy though.  Every day is something.  I am so loving it though.  Been a really long time since just her and I can hang together.

All in all we are doing really good.  Hard to believe we are so far into summer already.  Time is just flying!!!!


Jun 29, 2015

A Little Dirt

This is the first year that we have had an abundantly successful garden.  Last year we tried, oh but it was pathetic!  We are very blessed this year to say the least.   The corn that I planted on a whim is taller than I am, The cucumbers and squash are nearly reaching all four corners of the fence and I have tomatoes laying over from outgrowing their trellises.  You can also see (though barely) along side of the fence we planted fruit trees.  It will take a few years for these to produce, but we are certainly on our way to be self sufficient.  Living in the country today is far more amazing than yesterday, one can't help but be overly excited for what tomorrow will bring.

Are these two not the cutest little people you have EVER seen?  I had to get creative with them cause they are almost too big to fit onto one card. I LOOOOVE how this turned out tho.  SO FUN!! 

For the fold, I simply took half of a sheet of decorative paper that had a white back.  I folded it so that the back of the folded area was the size of the card and scored it. (This photo doesn't show it, but you want the decorative side facing the inside of the folds.  So that the white flaps are visible on top and you can stamp on those.)

Then I stamped my images on the flaps.  Making sure to align the little lady close enough to be near him but not too close as to be directly in front.  I wish I had a magical tip, I don't though, I simply just eyeballed it.  Then I masked in the flowers and the hose and colored it all with colored pencils.  I then drew a pencil line in for a straight line and cut out the little lady using fine scissors and an exacto knife.  I was a bit frustrated when it was all done because it kept flopping open so I had do use a t-tiny bit of a glue dot just to hold it closed.

Now, when you open it up you already have decorative paper so it is just a matter of adding some cardstock and the sentiment on the inside.

So I told you that I was going to look for some new photography challenges, I have found several and am having a good time getting creative with my shots.  Tho I feel like a complete rookie and am depending wholeheartedly on my camera's auto option.  I am hoping to learn more and more.  There are SOOO many talented people out there that are a wealth of information and give advise so freely, I am really enjoying learning.

So this image is NEW.  The challenge was to interpret NEW.  This is from one of my rose bushes out front.  So sweet.  Interested in joining this challenge too?  Go check out the website here.


Jun 26, 2015

Flick Chicks

Have you all seen any really good movies lately?  I love movies.  I have been getting ready for Hannah's literature class by rereading Anne of Green Gables and I cannot tell you how very excited I am to watch the movies as well. There is something about Anne's personality that inspires me to live life more fully.  Enjoy the crisp colors of the season.  Notice the romantic things in each day and flourish my imagination.  Isn't it funny how the older we get, the less our imagination works?  Especially now when we have every gadget and gismo to do the imagining for us.  No longer do we bask in amazement of the world around us.  Most of us are guilty of being plugged in and tuned out.  I know I look forward to my facebook updates, I am a habitual Pinterest stalker and I do enjoy blog hopping when I get a chance.  When it seems I have no brain power at all, then of course a mindless game is always comforting.  Gone are the days that we used to lay back in the grass to make designs out of the clouds.  No longer do we bust out of the house with cameras and sketchbooks and pencils to capture a scene.  It saddens me.  So I am challenging not only you, but myself as well....to go...imagine something romantic.  Go enjoy the world.

So anyways, here is a great set that I just love.  Flick Chicks!!  I love movies and seeing movies with friends makes them even better. Can you just imagine the giggles and noises coming from this row of ladies??  I KNOW these girls are hip.  Especially cause they are obviously at a 3D movie and those things make me want to vomit.  LOL  I guess I am too old to get a thrill from a hand nearly touching my face, but rather get dizzy when a lion sways back and forth as though I am riding on its back. A sensation I am pretty sure I'd rather not experience in animated 3D.

However THIS card is a bit of 3D.  I popped each layer of the card up just a little.  Hard to tell it, but their jewelry has Crystal Effects on them too.  Such a fun image to color. I of course used my colored pencils.

So I got a new camera.  I am really excited about it, especially after I have had so many hokey pokey ones that seem to let me down.  However, this one has a WHOLE book to read on it.  Sadly I haven't graduated from the simple AUTO - POINT and CLICK yet, but I am having a grand time.  I recently have started following some photo challenges.  Something that encourages you to get out and USE your equipment.  This one: THE DAILY POST is really neat and there are some extremely talented people on there.  I love seeing everyone's different perspective on the challenge at hand.

This week the challenge is ROY G. BIV (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) or in other words, all the colors of the rainbow.  The challenge is to take 7 different photos to represent each color or one photo to represent all.  So I decided to take a photo of something very dear to my heart.  I LOVE my colored pencils.   There will no doubt be a new challenge posted today, but here is MY submission for the ROYGBIV challenge:

There's nothing as refreshing as a freshly sharpened pencil.  Especially one of a bright color.  A simple blank piece of paper can hold a million different things when given to an artist or as Anne says, to anyone whom has not forgotten the path to Fairyland.

If you have not yet had the honor to read these books, I STRONGLY encourage you to do so.  They are fabulous books to read aloud to youngsters, wholesome to give to your young adults and absolutely awakening to read for yourself.  I fell in love with them when I had to read them back in middle school and as I read each sentence again now, I have fallen in love all over again.  I dare you to dream a little.  Find the romance in your paths and open up YOUR imagination.

Go and be blessed!

**EDITED**  So I found out that I think you have to have a WORDPRESS blog to be able to participate in that site's challenges.  Since I don't have one I will probably be finding a few other Blogspot friendly challenges.  I had fun just the same!


Jun 25, 2015

Such a catch

Rarely do I go on an on about the love my life.  Rarely do I tell you or anyone for that matter how much he means to me and how he is my rock.  I oftentimes forget to share how great he is.  Yes, of course he makes me crazy, he pushes my last button often.  He disappoints me and makes me question my sanity.   However, he is my world.  For each trait he holds or doesn't hold I love him.  Because a marriage is a compliment.  I fall short in soooo many areas and he balances me out.  Often times exceeding my expectations.  He loves me fully.  He puts up with my crazy whims, my fanatic ideas and my ever changing moods.  He seems to know when to let me ride a thought and when to shut it down.  His motto is HAPPY WIFE -- HAPPY LIFE.  He lives that daily.  Some would interpret that to mean that he does whatever I say, that he walks around at my beck and call.  That is so not the case (though maybe he should work on that ☺), but he truly does want me to be happy.  He does random things just to see me smile.  I love that about him.  There is a fantastical book you should read!!!  It is called Happy Wives Club.  That is exactly what it is about.  HAPPY WIVES!!

Some of the ideas in this book are far fetched.  Some are no brainers and some are profound epiphanies!  They have a wonderful website and of course you can find them on Facebook too under Happy Wives Club. We get told by the media that we are owed better that we deserve something different, when in reality our spouses are amazing just as they are.  Rarely are we encouraged to say how great things are at home. It is not often that we are allowed to say that we had a great weekend together in the garden.  That's not juicy enough, there is no drama in romance.  There's no excitement in that.  No one cares that everything is peachy keen in your perfect little world.  The fact of the matter is, your world is probably NOT perfect.  I know that mine isn't, but I do know that I don't want to share it with anyone other than this crazy man that picked me to be HIS wife 22+ years ago.  I AM a happy wife.  Get this book.  Amazon has it, I know the local library has it.  You will not be disappointed.  It has taught me a few things about keeping our unity of marriage sacred. If you read it, tell me what you think.  

So here is another card I made for Ronnie.  Unity Stamps again (yes I am still babysitting mom's toys).  This is completely not my normal style and I am still not 100% sure I am in love with it.  But it was fun just the same.

So are you married?  Engaged? Celebrate them today.  Celebrate how grateful that you are knowing you are not going to grow old alone!  Celebrate that when you make a bonehead mistake someone will be there to first laugh at you, but then help you up and dust you off.  Are you a member of the Happy Wives Club?  Go join!  It is free.  It is fun.  It is worth it.

Jun 22, 2015


Have you ever watched people dance to dubstep?  I mean to listen to the music alone, without any other form of entertainment is simply ludicrous if you ask me, and needs to carry a seizure warning label with each beat. But the dancers are seriously very very talented.  I can promise you, if I were to try this at home it would NOT be beautiful and intriguing, but rather be a prompt for you to dial 9-1-1.  So why do I care to share this awesome little dance move? The truth is. She's good.  She's really good, she knows it and it shows.  So no of course I can't dance like this, and I can pretty much guarantee I can't build rockets like my friend Ashley (ha!  She really IS a rocket scientist!). Nor can I sell construction equipment as well as my husband.   

I kinda suck at parenting in most aspects.  I have always tried to be FRIENDS with my kids, not playing the parent card so well.  When I have a total melt down, a complete come apart and my head does a 360, only then do my kids take notice that I mean what I say.  But that is ok.  I am a friend to them, theyre well on their way to adulthood and I think will do society proud once they enter into the real world.  They will also never ever doubt that they are loved and cherished and I enjoy being with them.  I am GOOD at that.

Im also pretty good at cards.  Of course I cannot color like Ann Kullberg even though I tried desperately hard when I was able to attend one of her classes last year.  I cannot place things with precision with the perfect colors and beauty like many of the other top artists out there.  I have a dear friend that knows the Bible forwards, backwards inside and out.  I love that she can tell me anything I want to know in a matter of minutes.  Not merely to give me the answers, but to help me delve deeper in my own faith and own studies.  I have friends and family that are amazing horse people.  I mean, I can ride, I can saddle my own horse and with a bit of patience I am pretty sure I could get the bridle on.  I know how to steer and can make them go faster and slower.  But I am not GOOD at it.    

One thing that I am REALLY REALLY good at, copying!!  I saw a card similar to this one and  I didn't think to keep the credentials handy because my work ended up not exactly the same at all.  However, if this looks oddly familiar, yes...yes it was inspired by something else.  I got a Cricut awhile back and I never seem to have enough hours in the day to learn all of the great things that it can do.  But this JOY is one.  I just popped it up a little bit higher than the pinecone and I really think it turned out well.  Another Unity Stamp.  A little grunging on the edges and well there you have it.  A simple holiday card.

Have you figured out what YOU are good at?  Maybe you are blessed with a gotrillion talents.  Maybe you are a jack of all trades and a master of none?  I strongly encourage you to seek that one thing that you are super good at and flourish it.  Heck maybe you can make your fame and fortunes off it!  If you are a writer, get out there and share your work with the world.  Who knows, that one thing you are good at might be exactly what someone else NEEDS right here, right now, today. Talents have already been gifted to you, what are YOU doing with them?

I hope you have a great day!

Jun 21, 2015

My Craft Haven

Within the last year I have set up and moved my craftroom to set it up again.  I was originally upstairs.  Problem with that is, it is another world.  Like cut off from EVERYTHING.  I had to have a baby monitor just to hear if someone was looking for me downstairs.  It also had no windows and I couldn't stand not being able to see out.  So we did a huge room fliparoo.  Heather now has the room upstairs and of course for her safety we had a window put in.  You can see her room HERE.  So now I am in a room on the main level and I cannot tell you how much I love it.  For one, it has windows!  I can see out the back to my feathered girls.  I am near the kitchen so I can step in here while I am doing other chores to slap something together or look something up. In a perfect world I would LOOOVE to have everything built in.  But this works good for me for now.  I am quite happy.  

The table tops are cheap doors that I picked up at Lowe's.  I eventually might paint them, but for now just the natural works for me.  Then I have Walmart bookshelves.  Yes, the very ones that if you try to move even a centimeter will fall apart in a heap.  But it all is inexpensive and definitely works. So I have my cup holder mounted, and I Jerry-rigged my kleenex box off of that.  I know it looks silly, but it kept getting in my way.  It is all about functionality RIGHT??

Up on my desk I have my handy dandy cuppy cake holder that I totally scored big on at a garage sale.  It holds the things I use most often.  My watering can holds my most used tools.

The next two things are systems I have used for several years. I love it because I can literally pick them up and be ready to go to a crop or playdate.  

First, my ribbon holder is snapware.  I think this is maybe 4 sets?  They all snap together and I spray painted the lid to match my color.  Gotta love that plastic paint.  I loooove this organization of ribbon though.  It works really really well for me.

Inside I have each ribbon wrapped around a small piece of cardstock and as you can see they are filed by colors.  I love it because I can see everything I have just by looking.  I find that I use more of my ribbons like this.

Organizing embellishments has always been a chore.  But this WORKS!  Again, I can close it up and take it with me on a whim.  It is a painters box I think.  ArtBin I think is the name.  I have had this system for years.  Everything from buttons to eyelets to metal and charms fits in here.  Up top there is room for chipboard and the bigger stuff.

This is an old milk bottle carrier that I sprayed black.  The cans are soup cans that I covered in black paper and accented with ribbon.  Again, very easy to grab n go.  As most of you know I am Copic certified, but most of my markers need refills so I have kind of switched just to pencils for now.  They dont take refills and seem to have an easier upkeep.  I have no doubt I will go back to my Copics, but for now I love my pencils.

You are going to LOVE this one!!  It is a box.  No really....a box.  I couldn't find a trash can I liked.  If you get one big enough then it is too tall, if you get one short enough I'd be emptying it hourly.  So this is a cardboard box I covered in contact paper.  Stylish huh?

The next one is totally a Pinterest hack.  I mounted an outlet strip on one of the bookshelves.  I can now plug in my phone or computer or the heat gun or glue gun without having to stand on my head.  It is sooooo handy!

Having my sewing machine set up all the time is a dream.  I LOOOOVE the fact that I don't have to lug it out of the closet or from storage and then find a place for it.  

If I should have a friend over, I can totally move the sewing machine out of the way and have another work space too.  

This is one of my first attempts at cutting vinyl on the Cricut.  I also painted the vinyl, again to get my color tied in.  Kinda fun I think. The frame is one that was left down in the basement when we moved in and of course I had chicken wire on hand.  I painted a bunch of clothes pins and embellished them a bit.  Works pretty well to display a few cards and pictures.

One of the most daunting tasks that I took on was cutting my paper.  At the last play retreat I went to I was extremely happy with what I had taken.  I had my ribbons and my embellishments, my colors and all of my tools, but I was sooooo paper poor.  It definitely was NOT because I didn't have any to take with me, but rather the fact that what I chose to take did not work for things I ended up making.  

So I decided that SOMETHING different needed to happen with my papers.  I had 2 ginormous bins of 12 x 12 paper.  The tops of some of the sheets were crinkled because they't been moved so many times.  I had a LOT of paper that I seriously got when I first got into paper crafts and I really didn't like, but kept it anyways.  This time around it all went away.  The rest was still a huge amount. So...I made the executive decision to cut it all down to card size.  All of it.  Well, I kept a good supply of black, white, craft and gray in the bigger sizes and since I have done this I have purchase one book of primary color paper.  But all in all, I have ZERO regrets.  I am using paper I had forgotten I had bought and papers that I would never dream to use if it were in my bins. 

The best part is, I can snap the lids on and they are ready to travel!!!

Dollar General was kind enough to have this great box for my vinyl!  

A shoe wrack inside the closet door for my punches and scissors and cuttlebug embossers.  Everything is all organized and easy to find.

Of course what is a craftroom without a Raskog cart from Ikea??  My mom got me this one and it was a rather loud shade of turquoise.  I spray painted it and I think it looks soooo awesome!

In the top I have all of my ready made cards ready to go.  Sorted and organized by type.  As you can see my FRIEND slot is getting a little weak.  I LOVE THIS though.  They are right where I can get to em, and guess what---I am using them!!!!  Plus it is really easy to tell which kind of cards I need to focus on making.

Down underneath I just have extra adhesive, my address books, printer ink and random whatnots.

Im not in love with my HOUSE MOUSE collection here.  But it works for now.  I am hoping that Ronnie will build me a tiered shelf that will help them feel a little more loved.  This also brings me to the 2nd and most painful reorganizing feature in my craftroom.  The stamps you see here on the shelf are the only stamps that I have still mounted on wood.  I love my mouses and refer to the blocks often when I color so I didn't take them off.  They are kinda my pets.  But yes, the boxes down underneath of them....all cling mounted and filed.

I sewed little pockets with transparency film and cardstock.  I stamped the image on the cardstock and tucked the stamps into the pocket.  After I mounted them to clingfoam.  This is a HUGE undertaking.  Like years worth of work.  Seriously...years.

But again, NO REGRETS.  I used to have all of my stamps in 6 large rubber maid boxes.  I had no idea what I had.  It was such a major ordeal to get something out that I spent more time sifting through each box than actually creating.  Again, not very good for traveling.

Each sleeve is labeled with a number.  Like this is PA4 for Party #4.  This makes it easy to clean up.  If I have PA4 out, I know that it goes in the party section behind 3 before 5.  Simple enough right??

Okay, so I have one t-tiny regret.  I wish I had made  note of the manufacturers of stamps.  Yes, I split up my sets.  My words are all with words, my animals are in animals and so on.  But I think Id like to know the makers of some.  But it is not something I dwell on.

Next, let me introduce to you an app call Sortly.  It is not perfect but it really does what I want it to for the most part.  This is on my iPad.  But I also have it saved to Dropbox so I can open it from my PC or any other device I want to get on.

I took a photo of each sleeve and then uploaded it to Sortly.

Again, using my categories that they are sorted in, in the boxes.  

 I sub labeled everything so that I can do searches and find what I am looking for.  It tells me where they are located and shows me the photo so I can see which will work.  I hate that I can't just scroll through the photos all at once.  That is a major set back of the app.  But like I said, it works pretty good for me.  I am definitely using my stamps more and guess what...yes you got it, they are easy to travel with.  The boxes are all ornament boxes from the Christmas organization isle.  They snap together with lids and are ready to go!

 There you have it.  My little piece of heaven.  I truly love my little room.  My husband strongly encourages me to be creative but has a come apart when my supplies and projects venture out into the rest of the house.  With this set up I don't have a need to drag anything about.  I have lots of room and it just works!  If you have questions about any of my organization ideas let me know.  I KNOW that my way is NOT the end all be all.  But I have worked hard trying to figure out a way that would serve a few purposes:

  • Not look like who-da-thunkit.

  • Be travel ready

  • Be easy to not only use, but clean up from.  (I am NOT real good at putting things away as I go.  In fact I had to clean up just to take these photos.)

  • Simple enough that my friends can play with my stuff too.

I think I have nailed it.  My next hopes are for some track lighting and I really want to get a drafting chair that is on casters.  I think that would help so much!