Jul 10, 2014

Kickin Cancer's A$$

This is in honor of the many friends and family that have lost their battle to cancer.  Also to those that have kicked it's arse!  Isnt this bear adorable??  I love that I can make him pink or red or even yellow for a soldier.

Things have been crazy here.  I know it seems like all I do is play with chickens, and honestly, some days I think that IS all I do.  :)  So my polish chickens are now gone.  THANK YOU to the kind man from down the street that not only educated me a lot, but also came and got them and gave them a new home.  They were just mean little birds.  They were beating up my turkey and just were not fun to be around.  So they are gone!  My turkey has now decided that she is a chicken.  She runs with my girls and roosts with them at night.  Ha!  I guess as long as they all get along, who cares right?  The birds that I thought were silkies are actually a cochin mix.  Thats ok.  They are happy and although kind of stuck up and snooty to the other girls, are sweet and nice looking ladies.  They all free range now.  I have been adding chicken wire to the bottom of my fence.  Just to deter them from having parties on my mama's patio furniture.  Yes, I know they can fly.  But it has helped a little.  Of course, now they just walk around the fence.  I guess the inevitable will be that I have to wire the entire lot.  ~sigh~  It is so funny because the ducks came to the wire, decided they couldnt get through and just went back to the yard.  The chickens KNEW there had to be a way around it.  LOL  So the answer to the age old question of why did the chicken cross the road?  Because THEY COULD!!

Getting ready for school.  It is so hard in the summer to juggle everything.  The kids are off for break but that means I am trying to plan and play with them at the same time.  Im not so disciplined so then I find myself panicking as the time gets closer.

I wish I had the magic to just get up and do a little every day.  My life would be so much simpler.  However.  When I plan, I get sooooo into it that nothing else gets done that day.  Much like crafting.  So I work hard to get my chores done and to DO what I NEED to do...then before I know it.  The day is over and it is time to cook dinner.  Then clean up and spend a little time with my darling and well, then it is bed time.  I wish I had time management skills.  Do you?  Have you mastered this?


Jul 8, 2014

Teapot Tuesday Fashionably Late

Pink!!  Who doesn't love pink?  Ok there is lotsa people.  But I just dont understand.  It is such a happy color!!  So here is my take this week on Teapot Tuesday.  I used microbeads on the bodice of the dress.  


Jul 7, 2014

Missing You

The weather is inching its way back up to the 90's.  I cannot tell you how unbelievable it was for the holiday weekend.  It felt like I was back in Wyoming. We have been trying to knock out some of our chores around here.  Seems like every one we cross off we add 2 more.  Hahaha--the joys of homeownership huh?  Dont you love this digital set?  I love the cats too much fun!



Jul 5, 2014

Happy Birthday America!

OK, so my last post was whiney and awful.  Can I take it back?  No really...can I?  Cause my life is really great.  The weather today is simply unbelievable.  Like maybe 70° and sunny.  Slight breeze.  Beautiful.  This is the view off my deck.  Not too bad huh?

Got my pup here.  Shes still a little high strung from last night.  I had no idea that our neighbors would be shooting off so many fireworks.  She was all sorts of crazy last night when we got home.  Poor girl.  Extra lovins and some time with her today.

And continuation of my view. Here is all my feathered's homes.  Ducks n chickens and turkey.

So last night...The festivities in Nashville.  Amazing.  OK, aside for the 2 dudes right in front of us that thought they were better than anyone else and stood up the entire night.  Oh and did I mention that the two children in their party went on and off the guys' shoulders like 57 times?  No really...like seriously they must have back aches just from lifting them up and down.  Our seats were phenomenal.  Billy Currington rocked it!!  It was awesome!!!  The symphony was amazing.  It was all really really great!

This was part of one of the sets.  The Nashville Symphony playing up on the stage.  There IS a reason Nashville is rated #2 in the nation for 4th of July.  Hard to beat New York with the Statue of Liberty as the back drop, but I definitely think we give em a run for their money.

So anyways.  I guess were gonna try to make good use of the beautiful weather and mark off some of our Honey-Do items.  I hope you have a truly blessed weekend.  I hope and pray you are all safe and enjoying smiles, laughter, family and friends.  Happy Birthday America!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Love this little guy dont you??

So much has been happening.  These are the days that I long for winter.  Though I am certain this winter will prove more difficult with all of my feathereds.  However, during the summer days it seems as though there is never any time for lazy laid back days.  It is always Go Go Go.  Im tired!!  I love my life.  I love everything about it.  I love my family and my home and my pets and friends.  But Im weary and tired.  Yes, my faith is strong.  My relationship with God is good.  So don't go preachin to me that I am not deep enough in my spiritual walk.  I am weary in the sense that I need a day at a spa.  A week?  Yeah...nice.

Since I dont have one scheduled tho, I reckon I best get on out to start my day.  :)  Thankfully, my wild and crazy life is not too torturous!  I hope to share some of our 4th celebration pics with you soon!  Go and be blessed friends!

Jul 4, 2014


I looooooove this stamp set!!  The boxes are all different with different napkins and of course stuff to go in it.  I love mixing and matching it.

For Mother's Day I was enlisted to make a few gift baskets.  I had soooo much fun!!

I loooove doing that sort of thing.  Give me a theme and let me work it!!!

So, today I think we are going downtown Nashville for all of the festivities.  We went once when the girls were really little.  It was just on a whim.  This year we are going prepared with a cooler and chairs. Though we heard on the news that they are doing it all different this year.  Especially since Nashville has been named #2 fireworks in the nation.  Hmmmm 9 million people stuffed on the street.  This should be fun.   It is so cool to hear the symphony play, see the ground show and of course see the fireworks up overhead.

Jul 3, 2014

Tater tots n Turkey

So here we have Tater Tot.  This is the little brown chick that came with the nuggets.  Heather has claimed her.  Ha!  Another crazy chicken lady in the making.  LOVE IT! 

Ronnie went to the auction earlier this week.  He got me 2 turkeys, but unfortunately one didnt make it.  It's a lot of stress on them to travel to the auction, sit through the auction and then travel again from there.  But might I introduce you to Beta.  (Her name comes from a fish.  I had a Beta fish named Turkey, so we thought it only fitting to have a Turkey named Beta.)

Shes a little frazzled and I am not 100% convinced that she is going to make it either.  Problem with birds from auction is that you dont really know what youre going to get.  You have no way of knowing where they came from and how they were raised prior to your possession.  I had put her in with my ducks.  That didnt work as she is a bit of a bitty and wouldnt let them near their pool or water.  She is now in the run of the new coop.  Yeah my chicken girls are NOT happy with this set up.  They believe that it was just an added bonus space for them.  Not to replace their own coop because that is where they return to at night.  Yes, theyre spoiled.  Overall it wont work cause I have a trough of chicks on my deck that are growing rapidly and cannot stay up there for long.

This is my show birds.  No, I wont be showing them, but I call them that because they are fancier breeds than my girls.  Polish and Easter Eggers.  They too are in quarantine to be sure they dont have any oogies to share.  I will see if I can get some better photos this afternoon.   Since they are locked up and really really nervous around me it makes it a little more difficult.  I looove the polish's "hair do's" they look like little Einsteins or Bachs. 


Crazy Chicken Lady

I need this.  No really....I do!! I do own an assault rifle.  And yes, if you mess with my ladies I will go all kinds of crazy on you.  (I did not make this image.  The Copyright is at the bottom I believe, it is hard to read.  I just wanted to share cause I love it!)
So I bought a new (old) coop off Craigslist.  It was a phenomenal deal that I couldnt pass up.  So I will be working to get it in shape and fit in a bit better.  My girls, however are thinking that it's their new digs.  Cause as soon as I open their door out they run and straight for the other coop they head.  Silly little girls.  I wish that I could explain my new passion for chickens.  It really is not something that a non chicken owner could possibly understand.  I guess for you crafters, think of each one as a new rubber stamp.  You must have the proper color of ink, you must have a place to store said stamp and ohhh if you have the stamp then you must get the matching paper.  See...I get that too.  Now, think of cute little fuzzy chicks.  Well they dont stay little for very long, so then they need a coop and well then they need special feeders and treats and all kinds of fun stuff.  And might I just say if you have a few...youll want a few more.  I promise.  

Jul 2, 2014

Arctic Challenge

Every once in awhile I will ask a friend or family member to give me a random challenge.  This once was blue, sparkly, polar bear.  I know you cant see the sparkles too well.  But this little image was kinda neat.  I like all the different wild life aspects in it.  Great drawing.

I know you all are jealous.  Taking a rose petal, mint, basil and ice bath out to the chickens now.  :)  They cool off thru their feet.  Ha!  Bet you didnt know that!

Also here is a little bit more updated photo of Gypsy:

Shes growing up fast!  She weighs about 50 lbs now.  

and Edgar:

And lets not leave out m'lady Felix this time.


Jul 1, 2014

TeaPot Tuesday

Have you ever done a search for teapots online??  The different styles and designs is mind boggling!  So I have have decided to start a new thing.  Find a teapot and then make a card based on it's inspiration.  So here we have the first one I am going to share.  Cool pot huh??

OK, I gotta be Frank,  hate this card.  It did NOT come out anything like what I wanted.  It is embossed with pearl paint.  It just is not as vibrant as I had hoped.  

How about you?  Want to join in the fun.  Find an inspirational teapot and share a photo with me!!  I'd love to see it!

Jun 30, 2014

Mail Call!!!

I know Ive already posted today, but couldn't help but share the news of our latest delivery!

This morning I got a call from the post office that we had a package. Our meat chicks had arrived!!

16 Cornish Cross babies arrived.  Plus one extra little brownie.  The hatchery we order from always throws an extra chick in.  So all 17 babies alive and well.

It appears they shipped on the 27th and they ship same day as hatching so here you have a 3 day old peep.  So sweet.


Old Ink

Believe it or not I HAVE been able to do some crafting too!  My craft room is set up and it is soooo nice to be able to work and leave a mess or clean up or just escape for a bit.  Isnt this guy cute??  

I also wanted to share a pic of this spring's ice storm.  It was sooo pretty.  I didnt have to travel in it and it was before Ronnie was here with us full time so it was certainly an experience.  But we never lost power and we stayed nice and toasty inside.  This was before I had all my furries and feathered so it was just us girls snuggled to the couch with movies.