Feb 26, 2016

Life List

So have you been contemplating your life lists?  Have you considered what is important to you?  What dreams and goals do you have?  It is easy to map out the goals of our businesses and our financial lives, but what about our personal lives?  Have you taken the time to dream about what YOU want out of life?  I have tried to do this a bit this last week.  I am not completely satisfied with my list, but it is a start.

1.  Vacation in Hawaii.  I have never been.  I wanta go.  
2.  Finish my novel and have it published (and of course if it went to the New York Best Sellers List that'd be ok...)
3.  Go Skydiving.  Yes, I know I am crazy.  But I just wanta do it!!
4. Learn to ballroom dance
5. Read 12 books a year.  (I am falling behind on this---gasp!)
6. My personal business to net $45k a year
7.  Travel to all 50 states.  Maybe in an RV?  I have already been to many, but would love to see some again and of course finish the route.
8.  Have Tales From the Domestic Briefcase get noticed by someone famous.
9.  Be an active community volunteer in whatever town I live in
10.  Find true love and live happily ever after

Mind you, I am not looking to do these in the next 5 minutes.  My business is going to take a lot of sweat and soul to get up there.  My book is barely even started and well...yeah you get the idea.  But I do have goals and aspirations.  

Do you not love these Tim Holtz birdies??  I love them.  I do not know WHY, but I do!


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