Feb 27, 2016


Have you all been working on your reading challenge??  I have been hung up on my 2nd book still.  But I am making good progress with it now and should be back on track to read at least 12 books this year.  I am also hoping to get some of my books from the house this weekend, so I can cross a few of these off with them as well.  So for now I am on book 2 of the Stephen King's The Dark Tower Series.  It is definitely getting better, but ohhh that first book was torture.  Very slow going.  So how do you deal with books that you aren't fond of?  Do you suffer through them?  Do you endure or give up?  I definitely have a few books on my list to read, but what is YOUR favorite read?  What do YOU recommend that I pick up next? 

This is a fairly new StampinUp! set that my mom sent me.  There are few people that totally overwhelm me with their awesomeness and of course with their kindness.  

So what great things are YOU doing today?  It's Saturday--a time for play and a time for fun.  It is supposed to be sunny here.  Banana is going to spend the weekend with her dad so it is just me and a date with my laptop.  I have a whole stack of notes to add to my novel and a couple of client social media campaigns to get polished up.  Business is booming and I am having so much fun!  I cannot believe I am actually doing what I love to do AND getting paid to do it.

Speaking of books that you give up on.  Some of you have asked about my Solar Power education.  Truth of the matter---I hate it.  In the beginning it was fascinating and some of it still is. When I first started it I had a vested interest.  We were planning to add solar to our home.  I wanted to take our house off the grid and make it self sufficient.  Of course then my whole world changed and so did my passions.  I met some BEAUTIFUL people in the business.  A couple of them life long friends that I just adore!  However to stick with it "just because" was absolutely torture.  I had lost my vision for it and it increasingly got more and more difficult.  My brain is NOT an engineering one.  Electric does NOT come natural to me.  I was literally sitting through classes and then rewatching them 4-5 times to get them.  I was having a hard enough time focusing on real life stuff, let alone projectors and angles. Yes of course I could have pressed on.  I could have stuck with it. Finished it out and probably be up on a roof as I type this.  However, I am 42 years old.  Even if I live a really long and healthy and happy life, nearly half of my years are over.  I refuse to be miserable.  I refuse to be stuck in anything that I do not love.  I am just not going to live that way.  So I am grateful for my Virtual Assistant business. I am grateful that my office can be here at home or at the local Starbucks.  I have even spent a couple of hours outside when the weather has been nice.  I love the fact that if I am having a bad morning I can push snooze a few extra times and maybe put in a little bit of extra time on the backside of the day.  I love that if we wanta go see a movie in the middle of the day we just go.  I love that the internet makes it possible for me to video conference people half way around the world. I love that I am being trusted to use my creativity.  I am constantly learning.  Do not get me wrong.  It is REALLY hard work.  Funny thing is though...even with deadlines and perfectionist clients, I adore what I am doing.  This is something I am investing in for my future.  Something that I am taking with me to my future.  No matter where we land, no matter my circumstances I am going to be okay.  So I thought Solar was the answer for me.  Turned out to just be a book I couldn't quite get in to.  Thank God it is not the only book in the library.

I challenge you---today---are YOU living your dreams?  Are you just enduring life?  Have you always wanted to live in the mountains?  How bout on the beach?  Are you sick of being stuck in an office?  Tired of the workplace drama?  Then change it.  You are not a tree.  Change it.  I dare you!  If you do though, remember you might not always find YOUR story in the first book you open.  Keep dreaming and keep looking.


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