Feb 28, 2016

Make a change!

Holy heck Batman we are already almost through February. How in the world can time be going by this fast?  It seems like our days all run together.  

      I have to tell yaall bout the latest and greatest thing in our life.  Stephanie Jennings is a friend of mine.  She is local here, though we met online.  She and I just totally hit it off and I am SOOO glad for it! She is a retired teacher and her passion for kids and teaching is amazing!!!  She has agreed to help Hannah and I out in our homeschooling endeavors and I seriously cannot say enough good things about her.  She has taken so much of the stress off of me and helped to get Hannah back in the game and inspired to learn again too.  Having her help me has given me the time and energy to focus on my own business but also the division of just being able to be mom right now is huge too.  
I have been preaching to you all a lot lately about making changes.  Accepting anything less that what you want in your life is just not acceptable.  Be the best you can be or make changes to make it happen in the future.  Putting Hannah back in public school was about the worst preposition in the whole wide world for a plethora of reasons, but a change needed to be made.  A few thousand prayers (and tears) and then this worked out.  People....change is only hard for the 30 seconds before you take that first step.  I am living proof that change can be scary as hell.  It most definitely sucks much of the time as we walk through new territory, but ohhh there are some great things out there to experience.  Some amazing people to meet.  Some beautiful insight even within yourself that cannot even be noticed until you are shaken from your foundation.  By no means am I telling you to quit your job or leave your spouse.  Some jobs are the means to get you other things that you want.  Some marriages are definitely life long.  Whether that is the case or not, remember YOUR happiness depends on you.  Don't want to end your marriage but not finding it to be so great?  Change.  Get counseling, go on vacation, go on a walk...do SOMETHING to make it how you want it.  Chances are, your partner might be feeling the same.  Not so thrilled with your career choice.  Change it!  Paint your office, stop the gossip from entering your cubicle.  FIND a way to mold it to you!  

We live in the information era! Find a way to make your life what you want.  Do not let ANYONE stop you.  A big one for me...do not let the opinions of anyone stop you.  Do it because YOU want to!   Remember, you will either find a way or make an excuse.   

More Unity Stamps!  I think this is so sweet!  :)  

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