Jan 25, 2016

Love is in the Air

It is Monday!!!  Usually I hate Mondays.  Well okay, not really.  Actually as of late all my days seem to run together.  I work when I have work to do and Hannah has been doing some catch up in school so she too has been working 7 days a week.  However, today is a good day.  This is a good week.  I have legal stuff to do this week.  Which, 4 months ago it used to make me lose sleep.  I used to stay up all night fretting.  Don't get me wrong, I still stress (probably way more than I should), but isn't it funny how we can get desensitized to things?  How we can do something over and over again and it loses its emotional impact on us.  Like when you get a new car, at first you sit in it with the cheeziest perma-grin plastered to your face for days.  You don't leave anything in it that doesn't belong.  No one is allowed to eat in it so there is no chance for the stray french fry under the seat.  Slowly though, life takes over.  One day you are late for an appointment and you have no choice but to grab a sandwich on the way--so there you are eating.  Then of course the sack from that sandwich might stay there as you rush from your appointment to the grocery and the other many tasks of the day. By the time you get home you are tired and that sack might remain there.  Then one day you notice that your car has become a toxic waste dump of sacks and shoes and papers and sports equipment and other various things that seem to collect on our floorboards.  Did the car change?  No.  Well, okay maybe she has a few more miles on her, but she is still your pride and joy.  She is still yours. YOU have changed though.

How often do we become oblivious to those around us?  Sometimes it is the good in people.  Sometimes it is the bad.  I am working really hard on not doing this.  I do not want to be status quo anymore.  I want to love with all my heart, I want to laugh and cry with all my soul.  If I care for someone I want them to know how much I care for them.  If I disagree with something I don't just swallow it down anymore.  More times than not I realize I am in the wrong and I have to get over it, but I am learning that voicing concerns is not only helpful but absolutely imperative.  Ha!  It has only taken me 42 years to figure out how to have a decent relationship.  Truth of the matter.  People are amazing.  If you are not content with your relationships start today and make them better.  :)

I have been talking a lot about home and the simpler life.  Can you tell what has been on my mind a lot lately?  Who knew that the prospect of going back to simple could be so much fun?  Who knew that learning a new (old) way of life could be so genuinely inspirational? 

So generally I HATE Valentines Day.  I have always called it a Cardmaker's Holiday.  I have always thought it was just another way for America to make a buck off of people that believe you need flowers and candy and fancy dinner dates to show your love.  Just a day for women (and some men) to guilt their partners into spending ridiculous amounts of money.  Mind you, I STILL believe all that very much, but this year I am having fun making hearts and love cards.  Hmmm....maybe it is my different perspective on people?  No, I do NOT think I need a dumb holiday to tell me when I need to tell someone I love them, but it is fun to play in hearts and pink and red with corny sayings and crazy little puns.  I am actually excited to send a few Valentines out this year.

Hard to tell but he is popdotted up off the pink and then the heart is covered in Crystal Effects.  The little bitty hearts are all popdotted too.  He is just too cute!!

I thank you all for stopping by.  Thanks for following me on this journey back to my roots and back to my reality.


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