Jan 26, 2016


I'm getting married!  I have met the man of my dreams and we are running away to live happily ever after. Yeah--okay.  No not really.  I am still in the midst of a divorce for crying out loud I am not jumping into another marriage.  So everyone can calm down and relax and hold your lectures about how it is "too soon and you need to find your self and learn to be alone".  I might be wrong, but I am pretty sure that there is a law against the whole being married to more than one person at a time even if I WANTED to.

Recently it has been really obvious that my brain has an unusual way of choosing random things to fester on.  Random things that get under my skin and sit there until I figure them out.  I keep my best friends on their toes wondering what the topic of craziness will be today.  See...to them, they wonder what the heck--why THAT?  A conversation that was merely in passing last week...a 4 or 5 word sentence that got caught on the safety rail on its way out of my brain.  

Ya know...that feeling when you are walking somewhere and all of a sudden your pants or your shirt get caught on a knob or a a drawer edge and you are stopped dead in your tracks.   That is the short circuit things that are happening in my brain.  Things like "I'm not so crazy about how you are wearing your hair today" can turn into a full on discussion (only in my head of course) about how I might need to dye it, or cut my bangs or maybe I should just wear a hat for the rest of my life, or better yet shave it off all together.  Nevermind that in the context of the actual conversation it was merely a comparison between styles and which one should be worn with which outfit.  

So I wonder, have I ALWAYS been like this?  

Am I the ONLY one that does wacky stuff like this?  Or is there someone out there that is still stuck on my first sentence of this post?  

Is she really getting married and just not telling anyone?  
Wait, is she even dating? 
I didn't even know she was dating.  
Why didn't she tell me ME she was dating? 
Who is this guy??  
Do I know him?  
Omigosh it better not be George.  
George and I have a history -- she knows this! 
Ohhh that girl better know that I will whip her three ways to Sunday if she takes over my beau!  
She does know this right?  We've been friends for years--she KNOWS how I feel about this.  
Why would she betray our friendship....ok well then I just won't talk to her ever again.  
I will show her....

do I need to go on with this scenario?  Cause I am pretty sure I can bring a conspiracy theory into the equation and make you guilty even if you weren't even born yet.

Please know, I am NOT getting married.  I do not even know a George and I am not betraying you or anyone else's friendship. My point is that my brain seems to have this nervous tick that likes worry.  I do not recall being a worrier before.  They say that one's faith is faltering if they worry.  Really??  I am closer to Jesus now than I have been in many years and yet the scenarios still play.  I mean -- seriously what would I lay awake at night and think about if I didn't have them??  Please tell me I am not alone here??  Somebody?  Anybody?....  OK, well when they show up to take me to the funny farm you all will know my story.  :)

More mouses.  This little one asleep on the balloons makes me sleepy and wanta take a nap.  It is a rainy, cool day here.  I have a boatload of work to do, but staring at the screen seems to just be adding to the trance like feeling.  Maybe it has something to do with the all night scenario excursions I keep participating in.  

So today's post was nothing more than me admitting to the world how crazy I am.  :)  Actually I think it is because there is so much happening in my life that I have absolutely no control over that I gotta pick the stupid things to gain victory.  Yes, even hairstyles.

I hope that you choose not to sweat the small random stuff.  Go now, be blessed!

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Unknown said...

Hahahahahaha!!!! I nearly spewed cooldrink everywhere...i was about to message you and ask WTF?? Lols