Jan 24, 2016

Cabin Fever

So this storm has out stayed its welcome that is for sure.  My water lines have frozen twice.  Not major freezes and nothing that me and my woman ingenuity can't handle but ugh it sure does get frustrating!!  I know that Hannah and I have to get out today to save our sanity.  Last time I went out and checked Roxy she had shed almost all of her ice blanket and even she was looking like she had a hint of cabin fever.  

I wonder how it'd be to be snowed in for weeks on end.  Growing up we lived out of town and I do not recall going to town every day.  In fact I don't remember us going to town all that often at all.  Funny how we are conditioned now to think that if we are stuck at home that we will surely self destruct or become a homicidal statistic at the very least.  I guess this is another one of the reasons that your home should be a place you want to be, your sanctuary.  You should have people there that you want to be with.  Which, thankfully-- I do!  My home is peaceful and of course Hannah and I do well together.  Today, well venture out just to be sure that we'll make it.  :)  Another busy week with something planned almost every single day.   Funny-- I thought I was heading for a simpler life, yet we seem to be busy all the time.  :)

Love me some HouseMouse.  I often think my coloring does not do them justice at all.  

I hope you find peace this week.  Remember to seek the passionate and embrace the JOY that is given to you daily.  Hug those you love.

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