Aug 14, 2015

Best Friends Grow

OK, first let me share with you this super sweet set I bought a little while ago.  I just love this little girl!

Isnt it fun??  She is so simple, but yet just right.

Now, I have to rant!!  I mean really have a fit.  I usually dont post stuff like this to the world, but seriously this is a problem!!

The world knows I am not a little thing.  I have a bit of girth to me.  Yes I am working on this but that is a whole other story.  So I go to the local box store, thinking that I will pick up something a little sexy to woo my husband.  I am NOT talking about lingerie or anything like that.  I am thinking, cute panties, cute bra...just a little something.  In this particular store there is isles and isles of cute and sexy panties.  Even bras to match.  BUT---not if you are my size.  No, for my size you get the ginormous granny panties, triple enforced bras that look anything BUT sexy and in an array of colors and patterns that resemble wallpaper from the eighties.  Oh wait, I must disclose I DID find one pair of panties in my size on the super cute isle.  Yeah, they were thongs.  WHAT???  When I was young and skinny---absolutely.  Now....not a chance am I risking a rope burn up the crack of my rear for the sake of sexiness. then one goes to the specialty store that makes clothes (or at least tries to) for big people like me.  There they have the exact OPPOSITE problem.  Still not too many in my size and they get cuter as they get bigger.  WTH?  I guess my butt has either got to get bigger or smaller cause right now it is not working for me!! Maybe I should go commando?  Learn to sew my own?  LOL, yes folks THIS is why I am working with a personal trainer, THIS is why I am not indulging in cakes and cookies.  Yeah ok, maybe not.  But this is a SERIOUS problem!  Also, for the price of 1 pair here at this fancy store I can get 3 or 4 at the box store.  It is not fair I am telling you.  Now, let us talk about bras.  I mean seriously!!  Just cause I am a little bigger around I am only a C cup.  guess what...ya either get Big Bertha, the kind you can park two Volkswagons in or the cute "little" ones.  My size...???  Simply doesnt exist!  Everyone in my town must wear the same size as me and beat me to the stock of inventory.  Because ---nope not there.  No wait, I did find one.  It however was chartreuse green...meaning -- even if I were to wear it under a black shirt you'd still see the color blaring through.  Who wears those things??  I am pretty sure if my husband saw that he'd be too blind to notice I was trying to be sexy.  I didn't buy it.  So after literally looking through every single rack I did succumb and purchase one size smaller.  I am losing weight, right?  Maybe it will be incentive to not eat that cookie if my panties are cutting me in 2 and a constant reminder that my fat butt is going to be nekkid if I dont make drastic changes.

So for all you skinny minnies out there, you have no idea how great you have it.  To actually go shopping for something you love and not have to settle on something not as awful as that other one.  Or better yet, be so elated you actually found your size that you buy them both.  All the while hoping no one peeps into your unmentionables drawer to see the circus tents and question your taste.

Carry on friends...thanks for listening!


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OMGOODNESS cute cute cute card.

LOL rope burn