Aug 15, 2015

Ruff Day?

Has this weather not been simply amazing??  I am sure that we will pay for it dearly soon, but having temps in the 80° in August with no humidity is simply heaven.

I should be taking more advantage of it and start getting things prepped for the winter ahead but I just can't do it.  Thatd be admitting that it was actually coming soon.  I prefer to live in denial.  Safer there.

This is just a simple card I did the other day.  I have so many friends that are battling tough times right now that I am finding that I am needing encouragement cards more and more.  The little dragonfly that is really hard to see is NailArt.  I found it in the sale bin at Claires.  Isnt it cute?  It was like 10 cents for a full container.  CUUUUTE.  I just found a bunch more at Walgreens.  They are so small and perfect size to add a little sumpin sumpin.


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