Aug 13, 2015

It is your Birthday, wear it with style

Good Morning!  Can you believe we are already well into AUGUST!  Friends this year is gonna be gone before we know it!  I mean seriously!!??

The last couple of months have been crazy busy.  Heather is officially signed up for college and ready to start classes.  Well, as soon as she gets back to the states.  She is in London right now with my mom.  They are being tourists, seeing plays and the sites.  I am soooo envious of them.  I KNOW they are having a blast!  

Hannah started homeschool last week and so far it is all going really well.  I had no idea that teaching just one would be so much simpler.  Hannah's style of learning is so much different than Heather's that it is really cool to just focus on one thing.  

Ron and I are doing well.  We have had some growing experiences over the last few months.  It has been tough at times, overwhelmingly awesome at others and just a roller coaster of ups and downs.  We, however are hanging in there and making this marriage thing count.  Truth is, folks, marriage is hard work.  ANYONE who tries to tell you it is not is LYING!  Thankfully though were in it together and I couldnt dream of anyone else Id rather be with.  Even though some days Id prefer to be with him in another room, place, city, state...well you know what I mean.  Were almost to the 22nd mark, geesh can you believe it??

All my feathereds are doing really good.  My babies are all fully feathered out so they are free to mingle now with the other ladies and to free range during the days.  Even though to them that means they can go about 2 feet outside of their coop to get excited and dart back inside.  My big girls have been welcoming for the most part.  I have two broody girls (ready to lay on eggs for chicks) that are driving me insane.  They are moody and like to sit in the nest all day.  Which means they dont eat or drink.  So I go out, pull them off the nests which of course makes them mad.  Then they go and pick on the babies.  For those of you who are wondering why I dont just let them sit on the eggs....I have no roosters.  Without a rooster you cannot have chicks, no matter HOW wonderfully well they sit on those eggs and protect them, it just is not possible.  So the harm of letting them sit?  Well chickens are incredibly dedicated.  They will not get off the nests at all.  Depriving themselves of water and food.  If we were in the chick business I would take food and water to them and baby them more.  However, we are NOT and so I have two girls that face dehydration daily cause they wont come out of the 90° coop.  Frustrating.  But I still love my girls. 

Did you all see the meteor shower last night?  It was so awesome!!  Ron and I took a blanket out and laid on the front lawn.  It was like fireworks a million miles away.  It was so pretty and mesmerizing.

Anyways.  I am rambling.  

CUTIE PATOOTIE card right here!!  


Have ya all been getting inky??

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