Apr 1, 2009

Its a great day!!


My mom recently went to see Taylor Swift in concert (DAWG!!) and she was fabulous enough to get the girls t-shirts! They both adore Taylor.

Its a good day here! My friend is coming to stamp today. I absolutely HATE that I missed yesterday with my other friends....but am hoping to get double inky today. Everyone is off to work and school and even the cat is off to the vet. Its a good day! :-)

Poor Punk is going to get snipped today. She was NOT a happy camper this morning. I am not sure if it was cause she couldnt figure out why she was NOT being fed, or cause I stuffed her in that carrier again. Either way, I am certain she wont be any more happy with me when she comes home tonight!

What are YOU doing today??



Kip and Nicole Tonks said...

Our house loves Taylor Swift as well! I love your cards and was wondering if there is a brand of supplies that you like the best? I went to Michael's yesterday with my 50% off coupon hoping to get a kit to start me off, but couldn't find anything I really wanted. Here is my craft site, if you're interested: http://creationsandcrafts.blogspot.com/ It's so good be in touch with you again!!

TN Granny said...

Awe aren't Hannah and Heather darling with their new shirts. I hope you had fun on Wednesday I sure did and I love the Pecan's, YUM YUM