Mar 31, 2009

I didnt get to go play today :(

Its stampin day, but I didnt get to go and play today. I am sooo bummed. Our truck is still sick and it was a huge big deal with sharing the van so I just didnt go. Its been so long since I have even picked up a stamp I am having a hard time getting the Mojo greased up again. Thankfully this is a card that I had put together prior to vacation. So I have SOMETHING to show you.

Heather is home sick today. She threw up all night last night and of course that made both of us miserable today. Not to mention that I think I am suffering from vacation let down. I feel like pigpen from from Charlie Brown, carrying a little gray cloud around with me. Tho--I did shower this morning, so its not a dirt cloud.

Hope that YOU are doing ok.



debinicol said...

Becky--love the shoe...I would probably buy that pair...great one!

Anonymous said...

precious card....maybe when the weather clears up your mojo will come back...hope you had fun in's a really cool place....patti b.

Moose Ridge said...

quite understand the post-vacation-blues!!


lisa808 said...

Love the card and stamp! Where is the stamp from?

Sandy said...

How fun and girlie! I love the pattern on the shoe and the flower just adds a great touch!