Sep 3, 2008

Words of Love

Just a short post today friends. Too many things going on.

Have you visited LYSA'S blog lately. This chick is an amazing writer and her blog is my daily dose of inspiration. But anyways. She is challenging us today. Please go read what she has to say. Its about our words. Are they honorable? I have to admit I am terribly guilty of not following these rules. I hereby make this committment to you (and to God) to not get caught up in the gossip world.



mornin'lady said...

really good post Lysa wrote, thanks for sharing,
this stood out to me most...
...But I’ve found the less words I speak, the more intentional I can be with the words I do say.
Such wisdom one would do well to heed, I'm making a note of that!!!

Unknown said...

That cat is adorable! I love the card, and if I'd have seen those stick pins for sale I would have had to have them too! :)

P.S. Where in East TN are you? I have family in Oak Ridge. We were just there in October of last year!