Sep 8, 2008


I recently received my swap back of cat images to color. And oh my have I been havin uber amounts of fun coloring. I just looooooooooove this tall kitty cat. Hes soooo cute!!! And I finally found a use for these gotta have --gonna die if dont have ---straight pins. Cute eh??

Things are a little nutzoid here. The day has finally come. When all of my planning and preparing and praying come into action. Friday kicks off our Tennessee Stamper Retreat!! I have been the coordinator this year and even though it has been uber amounts of fun it has been equal amounts of stress. I am sooo anxious though, I cant wait to see my friends, take some amazing classes and just plain have fun!!

How bout you all? Everyone getting settled into school? I am praying for all you people that are further south of us, that you might have peace from the horrible weather.

Have a blessed day.


Anonymous said...

This is adorable, Becky! That kitty is just too cute, and yes, that stick pin works perfectly!! I hope that you all have a wonderful time at your retreat this weekend. :-)

Mary said...

First of all let me say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look of your blog. Where did you find this template? I'm blog illiterate when it comes to changing to something other than the 10 samples blogger has to offer. (Whine) Always a fan of your work as well!


Patty Williams said...

Love the kitty !

Wish I could be at the retreat! Y'all will have a great time!!

The Basye-Arland Crew! said...

Hey there lady! Gosh I really like your blog too! I want to come to the retreat....ha ha... Just a FEW states away...

I hope you enjoy the retreat and take some time off from the stress!

Love the cat! It's cute! Hope all is good with you! My new students are very busy and I'm very tired...LOL

Lots of prayers your way:)!

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Cute, cute card! I wanted you to know I did received the blog candy...thank you for those little very fun. I LOVE Nancy's book. It is so loving and tender...wonderful. I am just thrilled!

The Basye-Arland Crew! said...

U rock friend:)!!