Sep 2, 2008

How bout this one? Or this one? This one? No, I like this one!

Does this card look a little silly with the numbers showing on the paint strips? Yeah...probly so, but that was the point!! My TAC representative PAM is redoing her kitchen and offered up a contest to see who could pick the color for it. These are three greens that I thought were nice. What do you think Pam?? Maybe you should wait til ya get the REAL card since my photographer skills are a LOT less than that of a professional.

How was everyones weekend? Did you enjoy the Holiday? I hope you were all safe. I hope that you all had good times. Ours was quiet and calm, but I am thankful to say everyone has returned back to work and school and I think feeling pretty good. WOOHOO!


Pam said...

Oh my gosh Becky, I LOVE this! Love the greens you picked too! And even a TAC stamp yet! Too too cute--Awesome. I love it!!!

Nancy said...

Hi Becky!

I just wanted you to know how much I love the looks of your new blog, it is incredible!

I am sorry to hear that your husband has been so sick, but am glad he is on the mend.

Thank you so much for your wonderful posts to my blog and for your continued prayers and support. I couldn't do this without the love and prayers that are pouring over me!

All my love! Nancy

The Basye-Arland Crew! said...

Hey lady... love the new page!! you make me laugh... will you arm my classroom with disinfectant?? Sounds like you know how!! HA HA

Hope ur having a great day! Love the cards... ur gifted friend!