Sep 25, 2008

Look at how fun!

I have a new technique that I am gonna wear out!! Look at this simple card. And its FUN to do! Simply leave half of your cardstock sticking out of the cuttlebug folder...then after that part is embossed, turn it over and scor it with the ScorPal every quarter of an inch for the lines. This is seriously like a 6 minute card and it only took that long cause I cut the ovals with my CM System. HOW COOL IS THIS?? The original one I saw had the embossed image of the bird sitting in the grass. I am thinking it would be good with ANY of them. The pumpkins, the snowflakes....omigosh the sky is the limit!
All is fantastic here today. My mission to mow our grass yesterday was short lived as the lawnmower died. ~sigh~ So that is two mowers down. I am borrowing the neighbors so...Lord willing I will get r done today!
Dont forget that FIREPROOF starts this Friday! Have you got your tickets? How bout the sitter? You NEED to go see this. I got our tickets already and Grammee and PawPaw are coming for the girls. I am soooo excited!
Have a fantastic day! Bless some one!


mornin'lady said...

Very pretty!! and yes so simple! Just the thing for those celebrations that sneak up on you, or the impulsive thoughts to give, that crowd in on a busy day! Thanks for sharing that!
I'm glad to see your getting answers on you fatigue too. Now you know how to fight it. May the Lord Bless your efforts Becky, and good luck with the mowing. Shaun did mine before he left, woo hoo!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so crafty! My knack is arranging flowers i love it! We all have something we love to do!

The Basye-Arland Crew! said...

So are a talented woman! Hope your day was good. I think my classroom is finally coming together...Yae!

Have a good one! Love on them girls! Have the hubby take you out to dinner, and smile!!

Anonymous said...

I got a weeks reprieve, Mom's coming home next Tuesday the 14th.
Loved making this card with you and loved the day your blog is the greatest.