Sep 24, 2008

God is Good

Once again, my lack of great photography skills is shining through, but I wanted to get a pic up for you all as soon as possible. So here you are. I am sooo in love with this little teddy bear stamp set I got. SOOO MUCH FUN!

I went to the doc yesterday and got great news! For one, my Triglycerides are back down within normal range and my fasting blood sugars are also within normal range. This makes me feel sooo much better that I have removed myself from the danger of diabetes and heart disease. But having good news like that didnt explain why I have been feeling so miserable. So I was anxious to hear more of what the doctor said. My recent weight gain...lots of it...and my need to sleep rediculous amounts is all tied to my Thyroid. A normal count is to be within the 2-3 range and mine was 19.7--now I have had worse, but I recall feeling just as awful. Unfortunately it will take a few weeks for the new medicines to start showing any relief, but I am sooo glad that this is not all in my head. I was starting to wonder if depression was taking over my life or what. Not being able to make it through the days without a nap was starting to make me feel useless and like a complete bum. At first I wrote it off just because I have been so busy. But then it really was getting rediculous. The doc explained that when an organ is not working correctly your body starts shutting down things it doesnt need to put more effort in making the organ work again. Mine was shutting down everything I needed to move and to be awake. And the higher my numbers crept the more tired I became. And the weight just piled on. I have always been a little fluffy. But I have been drinking more water and eating healthier than I have ever in my life and yet the scale kept going up and up and up. I hope that that too will go back down.

Because I have felt so bad I havent been able to train for the 5K that I signed up for and have had to resign. I have not gone away from the goal that I have to reach that runners high and to run the race. I just have to face the fact that it wont be this one.

Today I am going out to the yard. It has been simply gorgeous weather and I cant wait to be outside. Hope that you all are also enjoying your day.

Be blessed


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Patty Williams said...

I feel your pain..and gain! Literally.

For a myriad of reasons, when mine was discovered my numbers were in the high 80's ! 89.7 or so. Mine had to come out.

It's a constant , continual battle for me. I won't whine about it here but know you are in my prayers.

(and know that it will take some time for the meds to even begin to work usually)