Jun 5, 2008

Tuesday Mourning!

REMARKABLE TALENT!! Since we have gotten home from the festival I have researched Ms. Tuesday Mourning AKA Merrilee Lilliard and OMG! She like has done SOOO much. How come I had never heard of this girl before??? She was amazing!!! Go Check out her blog -->> HERE <<--, I promise, you will also be amazed with her work and fall in love with her just as we have. Look at this signing! She did this cute little girl in like 2 minutes. HOW COOL IS THAT? We tried to convince her that she SOOOO needs a rubber stamp line. Even though I am an absolute die hard Bella fan, dont you think this could be a good competitor?? And I would surely be one of her bestest customers.

And FINALLY Heather graced us with her appearance in a photo! See that bag she has over her shoulder?? See all that skin sticking out around it? Imagine it neon red! The girl got sooo sunburned -- I felt so sorry for her. Especially since she has a nice stripe from that bag!!

OK...so today ends my ranting about the Festival, but can you TELL that we just thoroughly enjoyed it!?! I know...I know...my poor bloggy friends are severely card deprived. I promise to feed you all some eye candy in the line of cards tomorrow! But for today....Are you blessing someone today?--b

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Anonymous said...

Y'all sure did have tons of fun!! That's so great to be able to meet so many authors ! I'll have to see if Chloe or Jake has read any of these... I don't remember them!