Jun 6, 2008

Sliding on into Friday!

OK...so a Photographer I am NOT! But I was trying to show you that this is a double slider. Each end pulls out when you simply tug on the ribbon. As Lori so nicely described: "Its a card that is easy to cuss at." I dont think I could say it any better. It is certainly NOT my favorite TYPE of card to make. I DEFINITELY lost a few hairs and I am not anxious to do it again.

I am just loving this camping set though! Like how I converted this little boy into a girl with piggy tails??? Everything of course is colored with Copic Markers and then I added Applique to the marshymellow. It was real real hard not to add more bling. But since it has to SLIDE anything real bumpy just doesnt work.

**note, the little line in the what to bring is so that I could write an extra something for each girl to bring...like marshmellows or paper plates...or hotdog buns...**

But on a happier note--they are finished! They are in the mailbox and ready to reach each of those fabulous daisy scouts!! Now...on to party favors. Remind me again that planning parties is really NOT my forte'. HAHAHA! Funny...but I seem to keep ending up in this situation. I think my subconscious thinks I AM a party planner, cause its the one that keeps volunteering. HONEST! I have NOTHING to do with it!
All is great here tho! We are off to see CONG FU PANDA today! I cant hardly wait!
Do you have big plans for the weekend? Hey...almost fergot to mention---BLOG CANDY will be coming up soon. See my counter over there?? Its almost 5000!! YIPES! So....when that gets closer...I will be announcing a couple of free gifts for YOU! And the coolest part? Whether you are a stamper/crafter or not...you WILL get something that you just love!!!
Are you being creative? Are you enjoying the weather? Are you safe? Please know a special prayer goes up each morning for each of my bloggy friends. I love you all!---be blessed!--b

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Anonymous said...

That is a really cute card! I'll bet it was a bear to make! I always have trouble when I'm trying to make a "trick" card! Ha..tricky to me anyway!

Hmm...this weekend...today is a lazy day. It's 95 in the shade. Hubby to half a day off work so he, my ds and a few others could go to the speedway...the show Pinks will be there filming off and on. too hot for us girls, we're just hanging out!