Jun 7, 2008


Well dang. NO ONE TOLD ME that my pic from yesterday was all messed up. I think I got it fixed now though, so that you can see the double slider.
The most peculiar things have been happening lately. It makes me wonder what signals God is trying to tell me. I have had some ummm...."issues" with a current friend. Ones that dont appear that they are ever going to be resolved. I have been mopey dopey and worried sick about it. Ya know...that overwhelming feeling that *gasp* someone is MAD at me?!?! When I dont feel like I have done a single thing wrong...I think maybe the Lord is trying to force us our seperate ways. I have often wondered this in the past and thought about it several times. But anyways, THAT is not the strange thing. The strange thing is that I have been getting phone calls from people that are very very special to me, but not ones that I pick up the phone to "chat" with on a daily basis. Okay...not even a MONTHLY, YEARLY or ok...really EVER. Phone calls that you spend the entire conversation wondering WHAT IS WRONG--WHAT HORRIFIC NEWS DO YOU WANT TO TELL ME? When each of these people just called to tell me they were thinking of me and wanted me to know I was loved. WOW! How awesome is that? How awesome is it that GOD knows what I am feeling and how "lost" I have been feeling that he is sending little bits of encouragement to tell me "I" am okay and this IS His plan. Now whether my friend and I work out WHATEVER this is, or not...I have no hard feelings, I am okay with it all. I wish her the very bestest of everything. It makes me very excited to move on and see where the Lord is taking both of us, whether it be together or not.
So, on a happier note. Look at these bees! Arent they adorable!!! I LOVE THIS STAMP!
I hope your weekend is beautiful! Enjoy! And most of all...BE BLESSED!-b

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Jennifer said...

I've been in a similar situation with a lady that I felt was like a sister to me. We were friends for about 6 years...inseperable.
Jealousy came into the picture and destroyed things.
It was a hard time for me, but I realized quickly that it was for the best.
Our God always knows best.
I have met and made so many new, wonderful, trustworthy, low maintenence friends that are just like sisters to me now. People that don't demand my full attention all the time.
I'm not a one women friend...and that's what that friend wanted me to be....I wasn't happy, but I didn't realize what a problem it was until the friendship was dissolved.
The Lord knows when we have something in our life that doesn't need to be there and sometimes he will take care of it for us and we don't have to do a thing.

I think it's just awesome that you have received those encouraging phone calls from loved ones. The Lord knew what you needed to hear and knew just when you needed to hear it.

Our God is the BEST FRIEND we could EVER have!