Jun 4, 2008

1st Grade Stinks!

A title that screamed out to us from the table! Mary Ann Rodman was also a wayyyy neato author to meet. She was lots of fun and was so sweet to Hannah, whom of course is going into first grade.

Our summer has been engulfed in reading. So this little festival was so awesome. It didnt do much good at cutting down on our want to read lists, but rather added more to them. The love of books was everywhere at the festival and I was so excited. I think, maybe even more than the kids were.

Are YOU excited about reading? How long has it been since you picked up a book...just cause? Not because you had a report due, or because you wanted to whip up a batch of cookies...but just because you wanted to get lost in that NATION that doesnt cost a dime to get to. The best NATION of them all..Yes, even better than the US of A...its your IMAGINATION! Have you been there lately? READ! Its cheap....its fun...it can be done indoors AND outdoors...you can learn...you can relax....and its something that is NEVER too late to get involved in. Ha! Do I sound like a librarian or what? UGH! Actually...no I am about as far from that as ever. Growing up I HATED to read. I mean...really really really hated it. But now that I am older I am finding it so much fun. I am trying to keep up with Heathers summer program...keep Hannah engulfed in hers and also I have taken on a couple of challenges myself. How crazy is that???? But whowouldathunk that all of us who are at different levels of reading could enjoy it together?

Go...be blessed!--b


Moose Ridge said...

I would rather read than do anything.... in fact, we really only have 3 types of things to pack to move -- trains, art stuff, and books.... that's why we needed a 20 foot "go-mini"....


Anonymous said...

Becky-I just picked up a book this weekend for the first time in months and read the whole thing. I love to read, it takes you to a whole other world!