Jun 3, 2008


R. Friend, or Ronda without the Honda as she says...was sooo much fun at the festival. Her books are not in book stores, so it was great to see something new and exciting. Also very interesting to learn WHY that is too. Lets just say...this chick is WORTH supporting! She has definitely got YOUR child's best interest in her heart and she seeks everything for the glory of God! WOOHOO! Doesnt get much better than that friends!
Each one of her books represents a seed that children need to know. Like one is R. Friend Swollows Her Pride, Seeds of Forgiveness. Her latest, that doesnt come out til Sept is about lieing...oh man...can I pre-buy POSTER size print of this book? Maybe to wallpaper my children's rooms with?? I know! Ill have a slide show that constantly flashes in their faces. Hmm...maybe a little too high tech?
In any case I KNOW that the book will be perfect! I just hope we can MAKE IT til September!!
She was an absolute blast to visit with. Someone you want to go out to lunch with. Someone you WANT to get to know better, cause you just KNOW she would be tons of fun! Ha! And she is from Franklin, TN...well dang! Thats close enough to spit on!!!
Let me tell you something though...If I could recommend ANY book for you to read to your kids its this one and the next one...and might I recommend that you go ahead and buy the four... cause you WILL want them... I promise. Her website is http://www.downonfriendlyacres.com/ go check it out! Or http://www.sunflowerseedspress.com/ Its fun! Shes fun!
And dont ferget...ya cant run down to Borders and pick her up...shes not there. If ya ask her she will probly even autograph a book for you. Course you gotta tell her that "I" sent you! Hahhaa...then ya gotta go and tell all yer friends too....TRUST ME! You want to do this.
Would you believe me if I told you we have already read one entire book! The girls wouldnt let me put it down. It was so much fun! In fact it was so good that they were ready for me to start the next one right then and there. We HAVE started it now...but trying to go a little bit slower in this one. It is SOOO not easy!
She has a fantastic recipe in the back of Grandma Brombaugh's Peanut Butter Fudge that is super duper creamy. And we had so much fun trying it out. The girls LOVED it! They enjoyed reading the candy thermometer and of course watching it all come together. Its super rich though. WOWZEE! But already theyve been naming people that MUST try this fudge! Cause it is soooooo good!
XXI hope that your week is awesome! Are you creating? --whats beautiful and fun for you today? Remember to feed your heart and soul with beauty...without it, life is just plain boring!!
I am off to stamping...so of COURSE its an awesome day for me!! And I might even have a card or two to share with you tomorrow!!!!

be blessed--(dont ferget tho...go look at Ronda's site...GO NOW!) --B


Anonymous said...

She looks like a hoot! How fun! I'll have to checkout her site!

Thanks and have a fun time stamping! It's rainy here today , but that's ok, all the pretties needed a drink!

Cathy said...

l thought l would start looking at all the blogs and checking out everyone..l love your blog its so nice to see your family and l'm so glad that your getting the kids into these great books..they look awesome thanks for sharing..
Have fun with your crafts and thanks for sharing yourself with me..Big Hugs God Bless..

MizB said...

Very cool! That fudge looks yummy -- do NOT give me the recipe! LOL. :P