Jun 2, 2008

Another great experience!

Robert Blake has been the artist and illustrator for lots of books. He is definitely one though that I think we will continue to follow. He was sooo much fun! He was so congenial to the kids and he really was a great person to be around. He and the girls drew this picture together!

Its funny how some of the authors were awesome to be around. Some were definite people persons and then others seemed more with the fact that they were on a mission and that they forte' was certainly to be behind closed doors with their word processors. It was fantastic to listen to them talk none the less.

Have you exercised today? Have you created anything? Be blessed!--b


Anonymous said...

That is TOO COOL!!! I LOVE the picture they drew together...how exciting for the kids!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is just too cool! We are avid readers here and I can't tell you how happy it makes me that the kids have taken up my love for reading!