Jun 1, 2008

We stepped into CULTURE this weekend!

I am sooo grateful for my friend, Marilyn. Not only did she tell us about the great Childrens Reading Festival that was this past weekend in Knoxville, she went with us! Directed us around town and got us great parking! We had soooo much fun! We got to see lots of famous childrens' authors, see story tellers, do crafts, get autographs...etc etc. HOW COOL HUH??

Today I am showing you one of the most exciting ones that was there. Mo Willems! The girls were uber excited to see him cause he is one of the authors on THE KIDS NEXT DOOR cartoon as well as SHEEP IN THE CITY. He told stories and signed books and it was just way cool to see him!

It was really fun to be out and about!

Things have been a little chaotic here. As I have started a new training program. Yes folks, this big ole lady is gonna be a runner!! As most of my friends know...I seek that runner's high that so many people talk of. I want to feel the freedom of running. OK...not an unusaul thing right? Well for me it is HUGELY unusual. As I HATE to run. I hate to be exerted in the slightest. I get winded just goin up and down the steps and I usually dont see the need to run unless something is chasing me. Even then, I go through the thought process, to determine if I can take whatever it is that is chasing me...will it be a slow and painful death or will it just take me out in one bite? These are very important issues you know.

I have to admit though, I am doing WONDERFUL with it. I have been reading an AWESOME book that seems like it was written just for ME. It talks you all the way through the very first steps. It tells you what to expect and what not to expect. Most of all, it tells you that, chances are you will NOT be running a 10K in the next month...no matter HOW invincable you think you are. And it also tells you that a little bit a day is STILL in the right direction. Ha! It breaks it down into like 2 minute incriments. I can do that!!

So stay with me friends as I embark on my new goal.

Have a blessed week!! --b

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time!