Jun 28, 2008


Isnt my baby getting so big??? Shes almost a whole year old!! She is such a good sport tho. This is her playing baby in the doll stroller with her little stuffed dog. It was absolutely hilarious a little bit after this photo was taken. Hannah was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to her and she slowly closed her eyes. It looked like she was dosing off. It was just tooo cute! Twinkle-Bella is certainly a great part of our household. And I am sooo thankful for her. I think Jenny (my old lady cat) is VERY thankful for her too. It means she doesnt have to be the "baby" anymore!

Look at this next card. This is one I made at Lori's. Dont you just LOOOOOOOOVE this image??? Its a retired SU! that I am trying to convince her that she really doesnt need anymore. And I do! :) Shes not buying it tho.

Anyways....hard to tell, but the little photo clip is holding the "buckle". Its just a strip with the words on it. When you open it then you can open the rest of the card. Like I said, it was an uber awesome COLORING pic!
OK...well with any luck I have survived the sleepover and I will be posting again soon. Have a fantastic Saturday friends. BE BLESSED!--b


Anonymous said...

You are so crafty! I can't figure out how you find the time to do this stuff...I need to go back and do scrapbooking from a year & 1/2 ago!

Patty Williams said...

Love the card and the kitty!