Jun 28, 2008

Were havin a party!!!

OK, we already had the party! Sorry that you missed it. The daisy scout troop had an awesome time!!! We had 8 little girls and their mamas (and one dad). I didnt get too many good pics as I was trying direct everyone. But over there on the left is one game that we played where everyone had to pass a doughnut between themselves with drink stirrers in their mouths. It was uber fun and absolutely hilarious! We drew with chalk, we cooked marshmellows and we played flash light tag. Along with tons of other stuff. I think it was a great great party and I think every little girl went home happy...most a little bit sleepy. But it was awesome. They all earned their courage badges for catching lightening bugs.
You know that it wouldnt be my life if I didnt already have something ELSE on the horizon. I think the next big thing will be our 4th of July camping trip. I dont know where we are going. But I think we must go!
How was YOUR Friday night? Can your excitement top MY excitement? Id love to hear!
Be Blessed---b


Melinda said...

Hm, my Friday? No, I can't top your excitement. It was my daughter's 12th birthday. We went to an amusement park (Lagoon)during the day. That night we went for Chinese and then watched the Bee Movie.

(I am a lousy party planner, but I love to go to them.)

Patty Williams said...

Happy it was a success!