Jun 27, 2008

Proud to be an American

Last week BEFORE we went camping I had the honor to go and spend the night with one of my bestest friends Lori (in Nashville). It was a whirlwind trip, but I got to attend one of her great classes, meet her awesome family, her beautiful friend Mary and of course have lunch with Amy & George. AND--garage sale! Talk about a great trip eh? Anyways...as usual we had a good time and I am forever grateful for her hospitality.

As you can tell I am NOT good with straight lines. Anywhoo....U S A is using the alphabet stamps and then embossing it all with glitter. (Doesnt it make you cringe Amy??---Amy has a phobia of glitter...hahahaha...cracks me up!)

This is a star box that we also made. That generally is NOT sposed to be crooked. But since I obviously dont know how to fold right, mine has CHARACTER.

Now check out this little one! Isnt this popup cool???? I loooooved this one and it was even almost relatively easy.

And here we have another issue with straight lines. *LOL* I wont tell you what my FIRST one looked like. But lets just say my 5 year old would have laughed at it. Anyways. This is using the fake stitching. COOL EH?

I have tons of pictures to share with you from the girls trip to Florida, but would you believe I am still trying to unload luggage and get stuff put away. So I will post more soon.

But they had a wonderful and fantastic time. They were tired little guppies when they got home, but they said it was the trip of a life time. And of course this little mama duck was glad to have her babies home.

As for our camping trip...we had a great time!!! Its always a good thing when the campsite goes up without a hitch. It was great. It did rain off and on all weekend, but since we had the cover it was no big deal. It really was a relaxing time. And I was uber proud!!! I made homemade brownies in the dutchoven that turned out like PERFECT --- and they were all the more perfect over the homemade icecream we made too. Yeah...ok so it wasnt real good for the diet, but it sure did taste fabulous!! And I caught 4 fish! Bluegill. I fried em up and we ate those too. Omigosh...nothing like catchin yer own dinner.

Tonight I have 18 girls coming to my house for the Daisy Girlscout camping trip! I think it will be fun, if I dont lose my head in between now and then. *LOL* We have our popup set up and then one of my friends brought her popup and set it up last night. We look like the KOA campground right here in our yard. I am sure it will be absolutely PERFECT tho. I am soooo excited. So I will be posting about it soon too.

((HUG)) to you and you and you. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for worrying about me when I dont post and puting up with my generic preposts when I am MIA too. Summers are just crazy though. We have sooo much going on.


Lori Stilger said...

:) I was so thrilled to have you here, Beck! :D And I loved your box with character. It's so you, you know? :D

LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's a mantra that I use when Kenn's driving; maybe it will help you tonight:
I'm too blessed to be STRESSED!
Yeah, it only works sometimes for me, too.... ;D

Patty Williams said...

Love all the projects! The pop up is extra cute!

Glad you were able to enjoy time with Lori..sounds like a blast!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

The brownies..I was with ya..till you started cooking the fish...My mom hates seafood anykind..so guess what I grew up not eating it, and when I try it..I don't like it either..I think she mentally warped me...oh well! Glad you had a good camping trip, girls had a great time..& you had fun in NASHVILLE!!!!