Mar 19, 2008

March showers...bring May flowers?

Shopping was sooooooooooooooo fantastic!! I had an absolute awesome time. I am soooo glad Marilyn drove cause she had us whipped in and out and around and all over like we were driving in her back yard. I of course had a good time in the clearance store. Everything in the store is 50% off! I got loads of new paper (yes, I did need some) and embellishments and ribbon (needed more of that too) and a new punch and some pens and oh oh oh ...I just had fun. Afterall, whats better than stampin? Shopping for stampin stuff!! And I couldnt think of two better girls to go with. (HEY JANET & MARILYN!!!!) And we saw Janet W. there at the store. She showed us how to do an uber awesome landscape. WAY COOL! Too many steps for my blood, but man it sure looked beautiful. We stopped by the candy outlet, Harry & David...and well we just had a great day! Sooooo awesome to have days like that. So awesome to have friends!

Today is definitely a good day to stay inside and have tea. OK...well if you like tea. I will just have cocoa if thats ok. Its pouring buckets outside. We so need the rain and I know that it makes the flowers all pretty and everything, but golly it sure is a downer on the mood.

This of course is a housemouser. If you are wondering if I have just been in a furry mood er what. No, actually I have been dillegently working with all of the stamped images I have had stuffed away. When we watch movies I love to color, so I got a lot of coloring done last weekend.
This is also using last week's Split Coast Sketch Challenge. Nothing that isnt self explanitory I dont think -- cept that the beads are all just glued on down at the bottom.

Anyways. I am home today. Doing a little of this and a little of that. The Easter Bunny has some eggs to stuff and some baskets to fluff so I guess Hed better work on that some today too.

I hope each of you enjoy your days. I pray if youre in the midwest that you are safe from the waters. My heart and prayers are with you.

be blessed--b

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