Mar 20, 2008


Hi friends! Its a cold day here today! Well ok...not really, but certainly a bit colder than it has been for the last week or so. BUT, the sun is shining. And THAT makes everything OK.

I recently received an email asking for me to name the person whom sent it to me with one word. The idea of the email is that you forward it to your friends and they name you. I have had soooo much fun with this. So I wanted to pass it on. Send an email to your friends...asking them to name you with one word. If you need an ego boost this is certainly it! Trust head can hardly fit through the door right now! Can you describe me with one word?? Remember...BE NICE!!! My favorite email that I have received so far is supercalofragilisticexpeallidocious! Hahahaha...that could mean SO much. Then the fun YOURSELF in one word. My word=Scatterbrained!!!! heres some more coloring! Still loving these old peoples! They are sooooo much fun!

And this is kind of a cool stamp huh? Another RAKed image. FUN to color!

Anyways. Have a fantastic day! Today is my Friday, since the girls are out of school tomorrow and begin their spring break.

Happy thoughts, lots of love and gentle prayers for each of you---b

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