Mar 18, 2008

Were off!

Its Tuesday, which generally means stampin day! But we are doing the next best thing. SHOPPING! Yes, my buddies and I are heading to the SuperStore! WOOHOO!

Ya know the funniest thing. Twinkle has her very own bed. Its right over my scrapping area because she is usually right with me. Its nice. Its fluffy. Its big enough for her to stretch out. To bask in the sun. Its ALL hers.

But, where does the darling decide she would be most comfortable?? In the middle of my very messy desk!!!

Gotta luv that furball!!!

Two cards for you today. They are both colored with Copics. This one has stickles over the bubbles sparatically on the flowers and across the bottom. Its charm says DREAM.

This is pretty self explanitory eh? It says CONGRATUALATIONS ON YOUR BUNDLE OF JOY!

Go now! Have a fantastic day!--b


Lori Stilger said...


LOVE the bundle of love card, Beck - SOOOO cute!!!!!!! I LOVE the HM stamps. :::sigh::::

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Loos to me like she has two beds....Enjoy your shopping, love your cards as usual!!!! (((Hugs)))