Feb 22, 2008

MIA? AWAL? Or just plain Postal??

OK...heres the scoop... Do you ever have days where your life seems to be off by a fraction of a hair? You drop things, you run into walls, you stub your toe on the edge of your bed that has ALWAYS been where it is? You burn your finger on the toaster...you know what I mean. Today IS one of those days for me. Yes...all those things mentioned up there--I did them...and to think the day is still young.

The kids are home from school today as they closed the county schools for illness. Praise God this is one "illness" break we dont have to actually use to recover from illness. We are all healthy.

OK...so now the reason why I am going postal. My &*&%$## laptop is fritzing out ONCE again. I mean seriously...has this thing EVER worked right? Has it ever done exactly as it was sposed to do?? Now of course its no longer under warranty. A quick call to geek squad quoted me a $379 minimum price cause they said it sounds like the external drives are all bad. Might also mean mother board is damaged. Which of course would make the price go up....and the crack in the screen...thats more too. OK...I only paid $700 somethin in the first place. ~hmph~ So...while I try to figure out what the heck I am doing...it will be hit or miss on here.

I have great pics to show you (cant cause dumb puter wont recognize camera card) and lots to share. So just be patient and I will be back with bells on real soon.



Anonymous said...

Think I would buy another pc before paying that much for repairs.

Technology, don'tcha just love it!

Hope you get things worked out!

Happy Hugs~

Beth said...

sorry for the hassle with your computer. that can be such a pain! hope it gets to working for you! :}