Feb 21, 2008

Its amazing what a little spray paint can do!

Dont you just LOVE this TShirt??? I got it over at Chelsey's Place. It says: A clean house is the sign of a lazy stamper. She has other kinds too, but this one is my most favorite!! THANKS CHELS!!

I have also been doing a bit of altering. I am getting ready to repaint my bedroom and put on my new bedspread that I got for a steal last week. I am sooo excited. We have finally decided to paint the walls a navy blue. Its real hard to explain...but its real rich looking. I think it will go fabulously with the silver colored bedspread. Of course in doing this I have been looking for other ways to decorate the room. I want to go for a real shabby shic look, but I got to be careful not to get too femanine so that R wont freak out.

OK...so here are more of my finds. A simple candle & stand. A glass photo frame that was on sale for 70% off!! Can you believe it? And then a silver vase that was also on sale! This whole ensamble...a mere $10.

And this uber awesome t-totally cool necklace holder. Yes. I know---its pink. It doesnt go with silver or blue and it definitely crosses the line of girly girl.

But with the help of Silver Spray Paint I think it looks fabulous!! The feather adds a little flare back to it and I think this will sit absolutely perfect on my vanity. That place IS allowed to be a little fluffy isnt it?

Here we are with the plain candle.
And I added some ribbon and some decorative paper. It is really hard to capture how great all this stuff really looks. I am sure once I get it up in the room it will bring out the true beauty. See there...more silver on candle holder!

Then we have the steal of the week. I bought this photo frame with the intentions of dismantling it.

Yes, I ripped the kickstand back off of it and laid it down flat. I was able to bend up a few of the flowers that are in the decoration and whala! I have a beatuiful little tray. I know...I could have just BOUGHT a tray...but I havent seen any that are for one...not gargantuously huge and for two dont cost a lot and three that I really like. This fit all three of those needs. I am anxious to pull out more of my purfume bottles.

And then the simple little vase...

Got adorned with a bouquet that was ALSO on sale! HOT DOG!! Since I soooo cannot arrange flowers to save my life, I love how this one was already done. Just a little trim on the stems and plunked it right down in there.

So...this concludes my accomplishments of the morning. I am sooo excited to bring it all together.

Yesterday I finally got to meet Jennifer! We have been chatting on line for a looong time, and even though we live like 30 minutes away from each other it has never worked out to meet in person. So that was cool!
Make it a great day!--b


Jennifer said...

LOL I was not expecting to see me here. I am gald we finally got to meet too....insane that it has been so long.

Lori Stilger said...

What BEAUTIFUL treasures, Becky!!!! You love the bling a little more than I do - I would have left that poor frame alone, and surely have a picture or a million to put in it! :D - but it looks totally fab. I can't wait to see pics of your bedroom when it's all done; it sounds like it's going to be beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice finds! Good job on the altering. I love the candle holder!

How nice to meet up with a friend! Glad you enjoyed your time!