Feb 20, 2008


Why is it when you get a good report from the dentist on one (or both) of your children you feel like you should be handed a medal of honor? A trophy? SOMETHING that says...woohoohooo--my kids made it 6 months without a cavity? Or better yet...that one that says...WOOHOO! I remembered to bring em BACK in 6 months? Funny how our children's successes and failures are almost our entire being. Like it was MY hounding them to go in their and brush their teeth every evening and morning that got them their clean bill of health. When you and I BOTH know that many of those times were just a swoosh of the brush under the running water and straight back into the drawer (you know...in case mom checks to see if the brush is wet). It was ME that got them those pearly whites. When actually I had very little to do with it. It was Gods master plan that made little ones teeth extra absorbant of that toothpaste if and when it DID ever touch them. But then I think God also knows how fantastic it makes moms feel too. Thanks Father for giving me a boost too.

This set just came in the mail yesterday (THANKS MOM) and well I HAD to put it to ink. The paper and flowers are from CTMH and then I had a bottle cap and rhinestone on hand. The little swirly is from Clear Impressions....I think.

Make it a good day!---B


Jennifer said...

VERY beautiful card Becky

Anonymous said...

ROFL... I thought I was the only one who checked to see if the toothbrush was wet! I even had the dentist give me some of those red tablets they chew to see where they missed!

That's a beautiful card Becky!

Ana Baird said...

Gorgeous card!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL card!! I love Blue's!!