Feb 28, 2008

This little light of mine....Im gonna let it shine!

OK--Confession time. I had a blog post all written and ready to go this morning. I had pictures and paragraphs and paragraphs about how I have had several mishaps in the last week. Everything from that day where EVERYTHING went haywire to sick kids and other woe-is-me comments. But the Lord and I have been talking this morning. And as He has been telling me for the last few weeks....to reboot my system. To do away with relationships, habits and overall bad things in my life...He also made it clear that I need to get some of my other programs working right as well. Ya know...like that one proverb that EVERYONE knows...Do unto others as you'd have done to you. I havent been doin such a fabulous job of this. Yet I am expecting others to bow down to ME and treat me correctly. HA! Imagine my astonishment when this doesnt work. You mean I have to be nice, forgiving and accepting too??? Dang!

So my post today is short. But I am back with bells on. I have a brand new puter system and it is a dream. A true dream.

As beautifully though as this new system runs, I look over at my old dishoveled laptop. When I can relate to it so much more. Its got a crack. Its outward drives are all malfunctioning and even the motherboard might have issues. It is today that I pray for Jesus to make me more like my new system. All fancy with a beautiful sleek design. Smooth transitions between operations and programs. Calm and peaceful.

So I beg of you today. Stop. Take a moment to send a card or even an extra email to someone special in your life. Maybe you have forgiven them for something, but not stopped to tell THEM that. Maybe distance has just drawn you apart. For whatever reason....send a raindrop of love out and bless someone. Chances are they really NEED a little rain.

Arent the new Stampin-Up! rub-ons fantastic? I just looove these! These little candles are just simple little treats I gave to my stampin buddies this week. Arent they adorable!?

So...this little light of mine is gonna shine on. Right now its tiny. Its almost been extinguished many times. But I am gonna keep on shining. For its through Jesus that we can ALL be big and beautiful.

Make it a blessed day!--b


Anonymous said...

Good to see you posting, have missed you much!

Be well!

Lori Stilger said...

Hey, Beck!!! Great post - and I love your candles with the rubons. You did a great job!
Life lessons can be so not-fun. ;)

Moose Ridge said...

welcome back -- missed you -- love you!!