Jan 29, 2008

I tink I cot a code

I got two sickies home today. UGH! But thankfully we called and were able to get in with the doc this afternoon. I am hanging in there. I still FEEL ok other than my throat is scratchy. So I might get to post some cards this evening. I might not. For now I am going to go and try to recover a few hours of sleep that were stolen in the night.

Be blessed-b

PS oh yeah...facts:

12: I love to color pictures.
13: I hate to iron. With a purple passion.
14: I have not had a potato in 28 days. *LOL*


Anonymous said...

Hope ya feel better Becky. My son was home 3 days last week. Took him to the doc on Friday and they did a strep test but it was negative, he is still complaining about his throat hurting.

Gargle with warm salt water to help soothe your throat..and I'd say hot tea with lemon/honey and maybe a shot of whiskey but since you hate tea...just go for the shot of whiskey :))

Anonymous said...

i came here via lori's blog again and glad I did. Your family is just beautiful.

I didn't know you were fasting from potatoes - good. Listen to this fact: If you want to maintain your weight just eat one potato a day - that will keep you right where you are! BUT if you want to lose weight, don't ever eat potatoes. That's a weighty potato..they look so innocent too dont they ;) lol

I hope your code is better soon!