Jan 31, 2008


We are on the mend!! Doctor said Heather has a virus and it just has to run its course. Hannah on the other hand has a bacterial infection and so she is now on antibiotics. Already though she is feeling better and really only towards the end of the evening does her cough do summersaults again. As for me...I am hanging in there. Still a little cough, but really I am feeling a-ok.

Bet you cant guess what I have been doing?? ROLLING RIBBON! I have been rolling ribbon for what seems like centuries. I got this GREAT GREAT idea from Nichole Heady's blog and well...I just HAD to do it! But no one warned me that it takes FOREVER! Especially with the trips to the store to buy more dang clothes pins! But doesnt it look fantastic!?

Of course Twinkle has lent her help with the whole organizational part too.

I have one box down and 2 to go. YIPES!!!

Another great organizational thing I did this week was also rearrange my paper. I love being able to FLIP through each sheet to see exactly what I have. But after many many months of looking for the perfect FILING system I finally got the bright idea that maybe I dont have to have ALL of this at my fingertips. I mean really...do I really need 26 sheets of the same shade of pink? So I downsized. I didnt take it anywhere (so--paper hoarders, you can breathe again) but just moved it out of my way.

I got these great holders and Hobby Lobby this week on sale. WOOHOOO!

And this UBER cool serving cart there too. It was on sale too, but even if I get bored with it one day I will move it somewhere else in the house...is it not a gorgeous pc of furniture? And I love the fact that it is on wheels so I can move it all around.

Twink has a doc appointment for the end of the month. There she will get her license to be lazy, eat a lot and become a true cat. OK...maybe not that bad, but she no longer will be a true SHE anymore. I tried to convince R that we needed kittens, but he didnt buy it. Aww shucks!

As most of you know I have been studying the Bible in depth these last few weeks. I love the strength that it has given me through out the rest of my life. Even though what I am reading about today may not pertain to anything in my life (that I notice anyways), my love and longing to learn more from the Bible has blessed me beyond all words. I challenge you...dont just sing the songs, dont just read the words....but live them as your destiny depends on them.
Teach me they way, O LORD, that I may walk in thy truth; unite my heart to fear thy name. PSALMS 86:11


Lori Stilger said...

I KNEW Twink had been a big help!!!! :D How's the sewing going???? I'm praying you're able to concentrate and get everything done you need to today! :) Love ya, Beck!

Anonymous said...

Whoaa...that's alot of ribbon and paper!! I can't wait till I get a stash built up like that!

Hope y'all start to get on the mend and feel better!

I've always told my kids... be careful of what you say, words have POWER !


Anonymous said...

Geez... get so excited, can't remember what I was going to say!

I love the ribbon on the clothespins! I think it is so textural and a great visual for inspiration and just looks so daggone pretty!

Anonymous said...

Okay, just WHEN did you sneak into my house and take a picture of my disorganized ribbon drawer? I don't remember letting you in !! LOL That looks JUST like my ribbon drawers, I cringe everytime I need some ribbon, I may head out and find me some of those clothes pins too, cool idea and I have seen them store inside clear countertop cook jars with metal lids.

Thanks for your inspirational words on your blog for the thought for the day. Love it all. Have a good 'en.

Anonymous said...

LOL -- I printed out that same photo so that I would remember to go to Dollar Tree to get clothespins!!! New studio has to be spiffy, ROFLOL!


and Twink the supervisor will be just as happy as an "it"!!

Anonymous said...

Love the folders! Thanks for checking out my blog and be sure and check back for the cd give away. Your furry purses are precious! LOOOVE them! :D I wrapped up my ribbons on clothespins too and did the same as you........ kept running back for more and didn't realize how long it would take. LOL!!!!