Jan 28, 2008


Angel over at http://angelosity.blogspot.com/ is challenging us to a showdown. Post 100 things about yourself and then do a scrapbook page. YIPES! 100?? OK...well I dont care if you scrap it er not...but definitely--I wanta hear what your 100 things. So over the next few months I will post mine. Scarey thought.

Fact 1: On November 5, 1995 I was born again. Yes. The great thing about this day is that its my actual physical Birthday too. OK, well not the 1995 part...but we wont go there! I LIVE for JESUS.

Fact 2: I am highly allergic to animals. Yes, even cats. The ones that sleep on my pillow and are constantly in my presence. I learned to ignore it a long time ago as my love for animals outlived my allergies. When I was real little I had the inhalers, did the allergy shots twice a week....the whole nine yards.

Fact 3: I have never been outside of the US.

And Lisa at http://blessedalatte.blogspot.com/ wants to know 7 things about me that she might not already know. OK...hmmm...is this in the 100? I am gonna cheat and say yes. So here is 7 more things.

4: I hate tea. All kinds. Sweet, unsweet, hot, cold...ew! It all tastes like tree limbs.
5: I hate the word Naughty. Dont know why. Just a word that erks me.
6: I looove to bake. Cant COOK anything fabulous. But I can bake a mean apple pie.
7: I collect Teddy Bears
8: I love color. I used to love white. Everything white. But now I love everything colored.
9: I love to camp. And I love to fish.
10: I love to go to plays. I love theatre!
11: I can touch my tongue to my nose. *LOL*

And today on the normal morning show on our radio station http://wivk.com/ the question of the day was....if you could write yourself a letter back when you were a teen, what would you say?---This is in honor of Brad Paisley's song---Letter to me. So what would YOU say?

I would tell myself that my parents really are not that stupid. I would tell myself to be careful of the people I hang with...cause it really DOES matter what others think....I would make myself pay more attention in college. And I would spend more time with my family and at home. And I would tell myself that even if I wanted to, my Honda Accord could NOT beat a huge dulley in a drag race. ESPECIALLY not on the main drag of town. I would tell myself that my car really will go all of the way up under that truck that is stopped ahead. Theres certainly a lot of other stuff that I would write about...but not here. *LOL* I was crazy once...NOT AGAIN! But I challenge you...how bout that letter??

And now I also TAG:

1. Debbie
2. Chelsey
3. Lori
4. and everyone else!!!!

Have fun!--B


Jennifer said...

Very interesting facts Becky! *wink*

Patty W said...

I was just discussing this with someone else...gotta be careful talking about younger days...the kids have ears! Then they throw it back into your face! LOL

Angel W said...

You've got great facts and I am enjoying reading them. Glad you took the challenge!