Dec 18, 2007


Gosh, can you believe that we are on the final countdown of Christmas. Seems like it has just crept up on me. I think this is why I work so well in panic mode. If I get too much done ahead of time then I think I can slack off and not do anything else. Before you know it...the time has come and I am no where NEAR ready.

Isnt this ribbon on these two Bella's scrumptious!!!?? I just got it in yesterday and was so excited to use it. Its from Stampin Up! and I am sooooo glad Lori talked me in to ordering it! I am still playing with my camera on how to get good pictures of my cards. SOME day I am gonna get it right. For now you all just have to struggle with me!

On Noah's (yeah the one with the Ark) epitaph, I think that his wife would have had engraved: He did all that God asked him to do. Now I wonder....could you put that on yours?? Could you say that honestly? I know that I fall short of this, daily. Praise God that He understands this and loves me anyway. But I wonder, if we were to have to preorder our stones right here today--what would God have them to say? Is that different from your wishes? Ponder that.

And now. GO! Create something! Make today count! Many blessings---B


Anonymous said...

ooooooh what darling cards!!! I love stuff like that!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment!

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Very good, you really got me thinking on this one. I would hope that the Lord would say "Well done good and faithful servant"... I like you fall short but know that the Lord knows the desires of my heart. ((Hugs))