Dec 19, 2007

Its almost here!

I was just playing around yesterday with some paper I received as a gift. My MOJO is still struggling a bit so I am desperately trying to create ANYTHING.

And look at THIS card. Is it not gorgeous????? Jan (aka FarNorth) sent this too me. It is sooo simple and
I just love it.
She said it was just using a white colored pencil to add snow to a black image. I LOVE IT! Thank you Jan for thinking of me!

I am busy busy busy today. The girls get out half a day and I havent wrapped the first thing. YIPES!! I have a few more things to throw in the oven and my house...well...thats a story within itself. I was so hoping a maid would get lost in my neighborhood and magically land in my livingroom. But since it doesnt appear that that will happen any time soon, I guess I will add that to my to-do list.

I am anxious for the celebrations to start. Tomorrow the first of the family will start coming in and I am so excited to spend time with them.

Enjoy your time together this holdiay. Where ever you are--take time to take in the lights, smell the cookies and hear the bells ring!

Merry Christmas dear friends! --B


Far North said...

Your card is beautiful! I think your mojo is wonderful maybe just stretched a tad is a very busy season-KWIM?!?
...and what a surprise to see my card too! You are so thoughtful!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jan's card is aweseome. Hope you have a nice holiday too. I love the music. This is my mom's favorite song, always makes me think of her.

Jovita @ Inky Impressions said...

That is so cute that your paper matches the pink poodle image. Love it.

Enjoy your visit with your family and have a wonderful holiday. ~ j

Rick said...

Happy New Year! I wanted to invite you over to my blog because I am having my very first give-away there to celebrate my one year anniversary of blogging. Come on by - I think that you will be glad that you did.