Dec 17, 2007

An Incredible Beginning:

Nothing says "Thank you for being my on-line friend" like Clickabella does!! Isnt she just sooo cute!! I got this fabulous paper yesterday at Jo Ann's too. NEATO isnt it?? I looove my Bellas!

The inside I printed off on the computer. It says: I'm so glad you clicked into my life!

Heather's very first band concert was yesterday! They sounded magnificant! I am sooo proud of her! This is her with her best friend, Darion. Dont they look so studious??

As most of you know, I live to humiliate my animals. HAHAHA! Doesnt Twinkle look thrilled with her holiday horns?? I tried to put them on Jenny, though since she has been around me so long, she doesnt even humor my attempts to make her look stupid. She just burried her head deeper into the blanket she was resting on.

I definitely think I was sposed to be a cat. Wasn't I? I mean...look at them. Their life is so difficult. Hmmm...shall I eat? Shall I sleep? Or shall I sleep then eat??

Now I leave you with one other thing that I have struggled with lately....In Genesis 2:18 it states that we, as women are to be HELPERS to our husbands. We are not only to stand at his side, but we are also supposed to be an advocate ON his side. YIPES!!!! (NO ONE TOLD ME THAT! DIDNT I OMIT THAT PART FROM MY VOWS???)
God created woman to enhance men. Not to overpower, not to be equal. WOW! What an amazing statement. Even though it does mean that we seem to get the dirty work of the is a breath of fresh air to know that men NEED us. They cant do what they do without us. Now I am not just talking about laundry and cooking dinner, making sure their briefcases have some sort of order, or that they have the perfect tie to go with that freshly ironed shirt...I am talking about what we give to them emotionally, spiritually and physically. All of that is also all a part of the chemical formula that makes them be who they are.
Are you acting as a beautiful model of God's handiwork of the women in this world? One of the greatest parts of this season of time is that we are embarking on a new year. A great new beginning. What do you have in store? Need a makeover of the womanly spirit?
Go...create something! Bless the men in your life!!

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Anonymous said...

Becky, This is what my pastor taught on Sunday. Boy did Jeff and I need to hear this sermon and now you have posted about the same thing. I almost cried reading your blog. God is good and knows what we are in need of. Thank you too for reminding us. Blessings, Hootie