Dec 14, 2007

I think there is a bug!

I think the internet has a flu bug that is being transmitted through its many pages to innocent surfers. I have done my daily blog run and it seems that there are many bloggers who are either sick themselves or have a whole family of sickies. I am afraid that I now have fallen into that category. Heather is now home sick with a stomach bug. I feel so sorry for her. She is really not feeling good at all.

Don't you just looove this stamp!? The pic doesnt do this card justice. As it is decorative dark paper and then vellum over silver metalic striped paper.

And then onto my latest attempt at a new technique. Its not new to the market, but I had never tried it and since I just got the FISHY FRIENDS (SU!) set I HAD to try it. Its using hair gel in a baggie (I sealed it with the fresh sealer.) Its sposed to look like water. Not crazy bout the card itself. But it was fun to try the new stuff out on!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Take in the lights and enjoy your family and friends. Love B

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Rick said...

I did have a great weekend - I was VERY busy the whole time. I got a lot DONE.