Dec 13, 2007


I got the "jo" back!! I decided to pull out my mouses that my dear friend Nancy Profitt sent me in our last Secret Sister Swap. I have had a lot of fun with them!!!!

I looooove these images cause you really dont have to do a lot with them. They kind of speak for themselves. I mean, after all...arent they just adorable?!?

This little one has mints pop-dotted on top. Its from a sketch challenge over at Gina K Designs.

I of course love House Mouse stamps cause you get to color them and I just LOOOVE to color. I have found that the best thing to use to color them is the Copics. They just blend just right. I then of course always add some BLING with my GellyRoll Sakura pens.

I still have a little bit of this paper left, but I was really trying to just work with what I had here on my desk. I know...not the traditional green and red colors. But I think that is kinda why I like em. I am a little burnt out on Christmas colors.

I then realized that I dont have a single TAG ready. YIPES! I whipped out these two. Thought the kids would like to use them.

Things are all ok here for me. Doing lots of CONSTRUCTION here.
For one, my computer is freaking out. It wont let me open certain files and its telling me that I dont have permission. Then it is saying other files are there but when I click to open them. Nothing happens. I am also working on house chores and as you can see...I am working with Chelsey to do some rearranging here on the blog too.

Have a great day. Enjoy the season & go create something!


Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Oh My you have gotten your Mojo back!!!! Love these. They are soooo Adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Girl! Seems ALL the creatures are stirring, EVEN the mice!! What fun, Fun, FUN! Must say I'm glad you got rid of the last format ~ didn't like it as much as the first one. But this one? Classy, girl, classy! I'm so glad you're so versatile & fun ! Memphis Mama here, sendin' hugs