Dec 12, 2007

My MOJO Cup is broken!

I am pulling my hair out here. I have the juices flowing. But they arent the creative ones. I think my MOJO (Creative Juices) has been replaced with Orange Juice or something. I just cant seem to get it together.

The first attempt at creativity last night was with this SIP card. Yes...this is 100% ink, stamps & paper baby! AND....its single layer. Its all done on ONE pc of cardstock. I am NOT thrilled with it at all though. I like the technique and I think it could be worked with...but THIS card is not getting it. Anyways...the idea is to mask a lot. Color with different colors. The bottom was brayered and then the snowflakes are stamped with white over that. The so called tag was also masked and I just went around the outside of it with different markers. The ribbons were also just different markers and the top was chalked after it was put through the crimper for a textured look. I stamped green and it came out looking more like dishwater than green. I used the glitter gel pens to add a little dimension. I dont know..its SOOO not doing it for me.

Then moving on to the next mishap. Stamp images onto tissue paper...color lightly with markers...not perfectly as the colors WILL run and this is ok. Cut out each image. Spray a styrofoam ball lightly with spray starch. Then gently tap the images down onto the ball. Sealing the edges, adding starch in areas that need a little more wetness. Again this is a cool technique...once your images are on...the edges are pushed down---gently sprinkle with glitter. Did you hear me? GENTLY!! Do not cover the entire thing in glitter. For then you will have a glittlered blob. See...doesnt it look cool? BEFORE glitter?

Then you add a nice bow at the top and you have a great Christmas ornament.

But since I messed mine up, both the card and ornament went into File 13. UGH!

But on a happier note I did have ONE success! These are little glass bulbs that I had bought for a project with the girls. That project didnt work and so here I had these bulbs hanging out here. Well I pulled out the white StaZon and looky what I did!!

I also stamped the blue ribbon with the snowflakes. I thought it was a cute little thing. And I was so excited that it actually WORKED that I just had to post it!

I am hoping that today is a little better. Yesterday seemed to be quite hairy with Hannah home sick, Heathers endo appt in Knoxville and all else that goes on during a normal Peterson day.

I have to give a huge shout out to Linda P. & Michelle R. for rescuing me and helping me out with Hannah yesterday. They were able to go get her and take care of her until I was able to get back to town from Heathers appt.


So go today...tell a friend how much they mean to you. Better yet, create something especially for them!

Love B

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Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

I feel you pain...when this happens to me I end up casing some elses card. (((Hugs)))