Dec 11, 2007

Are you dressed?

WE WISK YOU A MERRY KISSMAS! This is the gifts that I made for Heather's teachers. Since she is in Middle School and its kind of not cool to give teacher's gifts we decided to do something little and descrete.
I had fun with Hannah's teachers gift as I got this great little Pooh Bear cookie jar off the net and filled it with a TEACHER'S SURVIVAL KIT. This kit includes:
CRAYONS: To color your day bright & cheerful
CANDLE: For when you are up late grading papers.
HUGS & KISSES: For when you just need some.
RUBBER BANDS: To remind you to be flexible.
ERASER: Everyone makes mistakes, but they can be erased.
MARBLES: To replace the ones you've lost
LIFESAVERS: You are a lifesaver to many of your students.
JEWEL: Because you are as valuable as a precious stone.
PAPERCLIPS: To hold it all together (I got some neato Pooh Bear ones).
MOUNDS BAR: For the mounds of confidence you give your students.
EAR PLUGS: For when you have just had enough.
STARBURST: Giving you a BURST of energy when you need it.
MINTS: Because you are worth a MINT to the kids.
TISSUES: To wipe away the tears...Yours AND theirs.
MAGNET: To help your class stick together (again, I got a cool Tigger one).
BAND-AID: To help fix any hurt feelings.
I put most of the items in baggies with toppers...then ever so lightly stamped snowflakes on the tags. I had a loooot of fun and I hope that it is a SPECIAL gift for her. More than just a coffee cup that says NUMBER ONE TEACHER. The fact that it is POOH --I know she will LOVE it! She is a major POOH freak!
On a different note. Its been a huge topic of discussion here regarding the GOLDEN COMPASS movie that my family and I went to see this weekend. Now mind you I had not heard ANY of the uproar about the movie prior to going. Now that I have both seen the movie AND read all of the articles regarding the intent of the author I have to ask you --are you prepared to battle off all temptations of Satan even though they LOOK nice? Cause see...I saw the movie. I thought it was an EXCELLENT movie. The girls both loved it and it was just good entertainment. I didnt see anything God or UnGod about it. I talked it over with the girls and Hannah gave me the normal 5 year old response...WHAT MOVIE?? Heather and I talked about it more in depth and she too was a little disturbed that Satan would stoop that low to get to kids and unsuspecting parents. She also is very confident in her faith to know that God IS all that there is. I explained that we probly wouldnt be going to the next movies, that we cant take part in things like this knowing that the authors main intent is to make children into unbelievers. She was ok with that. But how many other things are disguised to be FABULOUS. How many other things do we take part in each and every day that are meant for our harm. Are you fully dressed with armour today?

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