Nov 25, 2007

Thankful its not Thanksgiving every day!

It was a "perfect" holiday celebration! I had sooo much fun and we had such a great time visiting with the family. It was chaotic to say the least but as I predicted it was wonderful. Meri & her family(Joe, Ryan, Katherine & William) , Robert & Laura, Maw, Grammee & Paw Paw all joined us for the wonderful celebration. We ate LOOOOOTS of food, stayed up way too late every night. But we also enjoyed each other's company. The kids wore out the new GREAT room. Doing crafts, playing video games and blasting their music. It was a great get away for them and it also kept them busy so the adults could also enjoy their stay. Maw came over for Thanksgiving dinner and she had a wonderful stay! It was soooooo awesome to see her and she seemed so at peace and so content! (This pic was before Robert & Laura arrived.)

Cyris even enjoyed the LEFTOVERS from the day. Starting out with turkey and finishing up with country ham. Ive got to admit I think he had done himself in. He was MISERABLE! He tossed and turned and rolled and moaned. Doesnt he look pityful?

We had some unbelievable food and all was great. I have to laugh because Wednesday...yes, the day before Thanksgiving Lowes was here installing a new fridge and Ronnie was puting in the new Dishwasher. Of course the fridge did not fit, so my husband was sawing off the cabinet to fit it in. add sawdust, to water...throw in a little bit of dust from under the fridge and you have a fantastic concoction! But all in all...the fridge went in the dishwasher went in and both were put to the test wholeheartedly! Praise God the stove hung in through it all. I just knew that itd decide to kick the bucket right along with the others.
It was a sad occasion though and one that nearly did me in. Robert & Laura came over on Friday to visit with us and brought their two dogs, Max & Kassie. The dogs were great and were enjoying our big yard, running and playing with the kids. But Kassie ran under the deck and it appears she had a heart attack. *gasp* I was so worried that there was a wire sticking up, something that choked her, something that stabbed her or just SOMETHING that would explain why she died. But I couldnt find a thing. I have even gone back under there looking. It was devastating. Laura of course was absolutely heartbroken and I think my kids were a little dumbfounded too. They have never witnessed anything like it. The guys all burried her out in the side yard and Heather and Hannah have gone out there every day to say a prayer for her. Rest in Peace Kass.
I know that she was just a dog. Just a mere furry pet. But I also know how very attached to MY pets I am. And how much they are a part of the family. It was hard.
So remember today. Be thankful for those around you. Take time to smile and tell them how much you love them.

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