Nov 21, 2007

*drum roll please!*

The garage is now transformed to the GREAT ROOM! This is the house door before: Like that neon blue paint?? And here we are now. Wit the full chalkboard!

The workbench before:The sewing counter after (With unmounted stamp storage at one end):
The STORAGE area before:

The husband built cornis board and game area now (with shelves to hold outside toys):

The girls' desks in the middle of the room. Each have their OWN space!:

When we had the siding put on the house last spring we had them close in the garage door then so you wouldnt be able to see it. This is that wall before:

And after (the shelves behind the futon have all of the board games on them):

And this is MY space before:
And after:

This is actually two bookcases stacked ontop of each other. COOL HUH?
And this is Ronnie's desk, but he hasnt moved in yet.

All of the furniture was bought at the auction and then repainted to match. The curtains on the workbench are just simple cherry straight panels. Ronnie built the cornis board and I hung the drapes on there. We still have to finish some trim and the crown molding and change out the lights. But I am sooooo happy with the whole thing!!!!!
And, as promised....the guest room. This is a pic of the room before we moved in. This is one of the pics that I took when we were buying the house. It was a plain boring room.

And it is!


Lori Stilger said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Becky!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! I know you'll have a wonderful time spending long hours in your new space. You did a fantastic job!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Don't suppose you fancy coming to sort out my space here in the UK do you? To get my craft room I had to gradually keep buying things and creep over onto the PC desk until hubby had enough and bought himself a laptop! Now I have the whole room and my own laptop too! It's only a small teeny room but it's all mine!

You must have worked very hard but feel very satisfied no doubt.


Anonymous said...

Lucky duck! That's is a GREAT room ! We've talked about repurposing our garage too! But just haven't gotten to that point yet. I'm new to the stamping world and want to learn really bad! Hubby is fixing me up a little spot in the basement! Works for me.....for now!

thanks for all the photo's , appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

This is a grogeous room... I know who to email if I ever need help redoing a room. Congrats on the wonderful space.. I am so envious.. I can not wait to be out of Military Housing and in my own house... (DH has 16 yrs in the Navy so maybe 9-14 more?)

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love your room! SO BIG!!! Lots of room to spread out! I wish I could sew!!! I bought a Bernina 5 years ago and all I have done is make a pillow case and that was because I took a class at the sewing store. I brought it home and I have looked at it everyday and that's about it! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!Your space is just BEAUTIFUL..Love all your cool ideas.. l must remember to ask you how to when we move. Great job.

~cassie~ said...

I LOVE your craft room...It is AWESOME!!!! I want to do something like that....I am marking your site...I am from Tennessee also...Small World...