Nov 19, 2007

Sneak Peek of the "GREAT" room!

Its beautiful! And almost done.

My new "crib" as Heather calls it is perfect! We got the cornis board up today...its painted and I am waiting for that to dry and then I am going to hang the drapes from it. We have decided to wait on the crown molding as we are just out of time and I so want to get on with my life. Maybe in the spring I shall think about that.

This is a picture of the full chalkboard. Its 8' by about 10'. I got a fantabulous deal on Sidewalk chalk so I put all of that into a paint can decorated with Mary Engelbreit stickers. CUTE. Effective and already the girls have used it. That big of an eyesore as it is goes into the house. My original plan was to do whiteboard on one side of the door and chalkboard on the other...but I couldnt figure out a good way to divide the two and decided to buy the girls little personal white boards that they could stick to their desks and just do the gigantic chalkboard. i am pleased with it.

Notice the black spots everywhere? Well besides the mistakes and a few intentional blots by me...most are curteousy of Twinkle. She didnt find the paint near as fun when I actually put her in it on purpose. It was funny to watch her run around leaving her tracks and it truly adds great character to the floor..

I promise more pictures are on the way. I have some tidying up to finish before those can be taken though.

Did I mention that my dishwasher died? Yes its been a few weeks ago. Well guess what? Now my fridge is toasted. First the freezer and now...the fridge side. The freezer part was fixed as we got us an upright. But the fridge now is slowly cooling. Can someone tell me how I am sposed to function with no COLD Diet Coke??????? I mean seriously?? So in the midst of my lounging around tomorrow I guess I have to break away and go get a dang fridge. ~sigh~

But I have some good news! My guest room is finished! It looks beautiful! Its a bright and cheery room now and sooo inviting! You just smile when you walk in it. I CAN and will take pics of it tomorrow.

Hannah got to get out of her boot today! Wooohooo! The doc said that she had healed perfectly and she was good to go. PRAISE GOD!

We have a house full of people coming in tomorrow night for the holidays and then I am hoping I will be able to return back to normal. I know lots of ya have been missing my daily posts.

Love to all


Anonymous said...

At LAST! What a great beginning pic for us to drool over! You go, girl ~ I'm off to set up some Webkins so that my granddaughters & I can Play, play, play ~ toodles & hugs ~

Anonymous said...

Becky, your remodeling project turned out wonderful! I'm sure that you and your family will enjoy the great room for years to come.