Nov 27, 2007

I have put scissors to paper!!!

It feels sooo great to be back in the swing of crafting again. I have been working on some stuff for swaps that I am committed to. Its a bit hairy now since they got pushed to the back burner for so long. Now its emergency and crunch time to get them done. Oh most of you know...I ENJOY crisis mode.

This is a flip book I did for one of the swaps. Each page has a place to add photos and display them in a fun little way.

Its a beautiful day here. The sun is out. Its quiet and the air is crisp, yet still warm enough to stay outside and take it all in. The leaves are almost all down from the trees and if each of them were snow flakes, our yard would prove to be in an enormous snow storm. I bet they are a good foot deep in some places.
I wanted to tell you that I just got my TENNESSEE CALENDAR from Lori and I am sooooo excited! I almost wish she had included a December '07 so that I could go ahead and hang it up now. Guys...the quality of this is unbelievable. And I, personally, know how much heart and soul went into each and every single photo, word, and pc of paper in each one. GO! Get yerself one. You will NOT be disappointed!
I also wanted to send you a link to DAWN'S PAGE cause she does the cards for Soldiers. I know that there is an email floating around about sending a card to an injured service man or woman at a hospital. The problem is, this is a hoax and the staff at the hospital is not allowed to accept mail unless it is specifically addressed to someone. Through Dawn and her overseas husband your cards are distributed and handed out to the soldiers. Take a look at her site if you're interested.
So for today...enjoy yourself. Do something you dont normally do. Like count how many birds land in your feeder. Or better yet, maybe you need to go buy some birdseed to put in the feeder? Or maybe you just need to buy a bird feeder all together. Enjoy God's glorious work in the things around you.
Much love


Erin said...

that is very cool! :)

Lori Stilger said...

WHEN are you coming to teach me that flip book?!?!??! I SOOO want to do some of those! :D
Thanks for pushing my calendar, dear Becky!! AND for linking to Dawn's page. You absolutely ROCK!!!

Mrs Mayne said...

That's a lovely idea! Looks like you had a good thanksgiving below too!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! x