Oct 9, 2007

The Sun has Risen!

How glorious is this day! I am so happy to see the Sun shining bright today. Though, we need the rain so desperately...it does the soul good to see the rays shining down through the trees first thing in the morning. I was reminded yesterday by a dear dear dear dear (did I mention how DEAR she is to me?) to remember my thoughts control my life. I have been so negative and so 'BAH-HUMBUG' on certain aspects of my surroundings that I have litterally been controling my outcome. DUH! I know this! Thank you Ellie for reminding me to control my thoughts. It was great insite. It also reminded me of a book I read recently called THE SECRET, describing this process...very interesting.

I stamped my guts out yesterday evening! It was awesome! Though I can only post two here, as most of the cards are signed and sealed and ready to be delivered to my Secret Sister. Take a look at this card below. Look at that sheet of plain pink--looks like a handy dandy stamp huh? WRONG! A few months ago I purchased a package of Glue Dots, not knowing at the time that they were VELLUM glue dots. I was angry at my first discovery of this, but of course since I had already chewed into the package there wasnt a whole lot I could do. I stuffed em in my stash, thinking Id find SOMETHING to do with them. Last night as I was doing some experimenting with the embossing powders I decided to try something. This is a VELLUM GLUE DOT sheet, run through with the Cuttlebug embosser and then embossed with blue powder! Is it not cool?????

Another challenge I had this week was to use a stamp in a non conventional way. This poinsettia is made using Fall Leaves!!! Its from my CLOSE TO MY HEART set 'AUTUMN SPLENDER'--cool huh? I cut out each leave and then slightly folded them in the centers to give them dimension. It was fun pulling it all together!

So now...its a glorious day! Go, hug the ones you love, encourage them to smile and of course let them know how wonderful you think they are!
I am going to be closing the submission contest on Friday. I have some great cards already. Wanta play? Scroll back to the 27th and read up on the rules.
Enjoy your day! CREATE!

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