Oct 10, 2007

I promise youll want some!

I have never been one to push real expensive things. I think most everything can be done for less with just a little comprimise. But I have to tell you...I tried these markers yesterday and nearly peed all over myself. They are an absolute DREAM! They blend like butter. Litterally. So, I figure at $5.95 each it will take me until I am 57 to purchase all of them, but I just love them!! I purchased just two of them yesterday...flesh colors. Since those are the most difficult colors to get right in any other marker set. So, next time you are at your local craft store, go to the arts section...you know where the sketch books and canvases are? Go and look at the COPIC markers...try them out. I promise you too will be hooked.

Its another grand day here. We all took off out of the house yesterday. It was great to blow the cabin fever off. But I am sad to say I didnt get to stamp anything. Maybe today!

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